Cardano founder explains the reason behind Vasil’s delay, but is this the last time?

The Cardano Vasil hard fork experienced its second delay in the past two months. This upgrade is important to the growth of the network, and as always, Cardano developers continue to keep things as they are by only shipping secure products.The second extension was announced at the end of July, with founder Charles Hoskinson making a video Explain the reasons behind the delay and what to expect in the future of the Vasil hard fork.

Delays are caused by errors

One of the big things plaguing the crypto space right now is bugs found in developers’ code. These vulnerabilities, if left unnoticed, can be exploited by bad actors on various platforms who have profited from millions of dollars in cryptocurrency. However, while such bugs and exploits are rampant, the Cardano project has not been affected by them, which can be attributed to the rigorous process that developers go through before releasing the product.

According to founder Charles Hoskinson, the process of securing products before shipping is the reason for the second delay in the Vasil hard fork. As with the first postponement of the hard fork, he explained that they found bugs that needed to be fixed to make it safe to use. However, the problem with these bugs is not just finding them, but the process of fixing them throughout the product.

Not only did they have to fix the bug, they needed to go back and verify that it was fixed, Hoskinson explained. Then they have to go through the whole test pipeline again, which takes time. “So you have a fully functional situation,” the founder said. “But you have to test, and when you test, you might find something, and then you have to fix it, and then you have to go back to the whole testing pipeline. So that’s what’s causing the delay in the release.”

Are there more delays for Cardano?

After the Vasil hard fork was postponed for the second time, the question everyone was talking about was when the hard fork was going to happen and whether it would be delayed any further. Hoskinson also found time to address these issues.

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The Cardano founder explained that since they have already found a lot of bugs and fixed them, he doesn’t think there will be any further delays in the hard fork. He revealed that the developers have now entered the final stages of product testing. “So unless anything new is discovered, I don’t expect us to have any further delays,” he added.

As for the price of Cardano’s native token, ADA, the news of the extension doesn’t seem to have been hit hard. At the time of the announcement, the digital asset was trending around $0.55, albeit slightly lower.

At the time of writing, ADA is trading at $0.49. It remains the 8th largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of $16.7 billion.

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