New players buy $3 billion worth of BTC

Loose Bitcoin whale: While the market is still in crisis, with BTC trading below $23,000, a new Bitcoin whale has emerged in the crypto ecosystem.

They went out of their way to make their first large-scale purchase. In total, whales bought $3 billion worth of bitcoin.

Bitcoin whales are new players

This new whale, still unrecognized by the crypto community, emerged in July. The whale was first purchased on July 15, 2022.

In fact, it took only three days for the mysterious whale to make all the purchases: 15,499 BTC, worth $345.9 million, on July 19.

Since then, the purchases have been even bigger: on July 20, the whales bought another 45,499 BTC. This amount was equivalent to $1.06 billion at the time of purchase.

Finally, on July 21, according to Bit infographics.

Bitcoin whales: New players buy $3 billion worth of BTC
resource: Bit infographics

As these purchases continue, this new whale has been pushed to the third spot on BitInfoCharts’ list of wallets with the most BTC. Currently, this new whale owns 0.70% of the BTC in circulation.

The wallet’s total balance is now 132,878 BTC, with a current value of $2.909 billion.

Bitcoin whales: New players buy $3 billion worth of BTC
resource: Bit infographics

For now, the identity of this new player in the bitcoin and cryptocurrency market remains unknown, with no clues as to the nature of the buyer.

Whether physical or personal, this whale has undoubtedly driven the price of BTC higher over the past week. In a bullish rally, this wallet is sure to make huge profits.

Whales are still active in the cryptocurrency market

While many institutions are currently out of the market, major whales are active in the market by boosting wallets and increasing their holdings.

While Bitcoin whales can still make such purchases, market prices have yet to follow the trend, with Bitcoin prices rising only modestly.

As of now, Bitcoin is still more than 65% below its ATH ($69,000) last November.


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