Re-elected wealthy senator denies suggestion he trades stocks under existing legislation

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Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO) has denied that he had recommended making investment decisions based on legislation being negotiated in the Senate.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Bennet discussed the settlement and mentioned that he “would not buy or sell any stock under it,” prompting the National Republican Senate Committee (NRSC) to question whether the senator was making a statement about the investment Senate Negotiations.

Fox News Digital asked Bennet if he would consider private Senate discussions before making the investment, a claim his campaign denied in an exclusive statement.

“No, of course not,” Colorado Bennet campaign spokeswoman Georgina Bevin told Fox. “[Majority Leader Mitch] McConnell and [Joe] O’Dea is desperately misrepresenting Michael’s observation that the Reducing Inflation Act is still a work in progress, as they are all opposed to lowering the cost of medicines for working people, fighting inflation, reducing deficits and filling hedge fund managers and the biggest tax loophole effort. company. ”

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Bevin also told Fox that the senator does not control his investments, which are managed by local Denver asset managers. She said Bennet was also a proponent of the Stocks Act, which bars members of Congress from insider trading.

Bennet entered the political scene in 2009 when he was named Senator from Colorado by former Gov. Bill Ritter. Within days of being sworn in, Bennett sold at least $2 million worth of stock, according to federal documents.

His net worth dipped in his first few years in office, but surged in 2013 and saw a significant increase during his tenure as a senator.

2018 records show Bennet owns a $1 million home in Washington, D.C., and a $2.1 million home in Denver. He has a $5 million trust fund and a $600,000 children’s college fund.

Bennet was named the 12th richest senator in 2018.

Bennet was named the 12th richest senator in 2018.
(Reuters/Elizabeth Franz)

Bennet is currently running against Republican candidate Joe O’Dea, a construction company owner and first-time political candidate.

Nancy Pelosi’s husband has been reviewing his stock purchases for years

Another wealthy senator, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, was recently asked by reporters: “Did your husband buy or sell stocks based on information he got from you during your career?”

Nancy Pelosi and Paul Pelosi attend the 23rd Annual Mark Twain Awards for American Humor at the Kennedy Center.

Nancy Pelosi and Paul Pelosi attend the 23rd Annual Mark Twain Awards for American Humor at the Kennedy Center.
(Paul Morigi/Getty Images)

The question came after Pelosi’s husband purchased 20,000 Nvidia shares for more than $1 million. Just a few weeks later, Congress voted to give the computer chip company a huge subsidy.

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Pelosi immediately refuted the claim And insisted she knew nothing about her husband’s investment decisions.

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