This $24 Shein Dress is the Ultimate Hidden Gem

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  • Popular fast-fashion retailer Shein is often hit or miss when it comes to its clothing.
  • I found a hidden gem in a $24 dress with 14 colors and 9,000 reviews.
  • Since then, I have bought it in three shades and even wore it on my honeymoon in Italy.

I usually limit shopping from fast fashion brands as much as I can, but sometimes I want to experiment with my looks and explore new silhouettes without spending a fortune. Enter a brand you’ve probably heard a million times: Shein.

Known for ultra-stylish clothes and extremely affordable price tags, Shein is a shopper’s paradise for anyone looking to try the more trend-driven styles of the moment.Although their creations tend to be hit or miss in my opinion, I recently discovered a gem that exudes all bridgeton resonates and has become The staple dress in my wardrobe.

This dress has many colors

Authors in white puff sleeve dresses posing side by side with floral arrangements in different positions

Olivia Ross Ferrero/The Insider

For just $24 (before any discounts), puff sleeve dress There are nearly 9,000 positive reviews and counting. It comes in 14 colors (I have 3 myself) and sizes range from XS-XL, hopefully they have plans to expand in the near future.

Comments suggest resizing, which is the right move

The author sits at the table in a black puff sleeve dress

Olivia Ross Ferrero/The Insider

Speaking of Shein, I found that I depended on severe Commenting when deciding which size I should go for – this particular dress was no exception. Overall, I’m pretty much a mid-sized guy running through different brands and stores. Although many reviews recommend at least one or two sizes for a better fit, I went with the large.

Side by side closeup of pink floral puff sleeve dress showing front tie and back zip

Close up of bodice front and zipper back.

Olivia Ross Ferrero/The Insider

To my surprise, the soft corset top fits like a glove, although I must admit, it really doesn’t have much stretch or stretch. As someone with a slightly fuller bust, I do find the area is very small and develops a lot of cleavage (which I wouldn’t necessarily mind in some cases). Personally, I found the puffed sleeves to be comfortable, the elastic didn’t feel too tight on my arms, and with such a high slit and breathable fabric, the dress felt cool, even in the heat of my Italian honeymoon is also like this.

If the colors are lighter (such as baby pink and white dresses), the dress is a bit see-through, but nude underwear is fine.

If you’re short like me, you might want to pair your dress with heels

The dress is only five feet tall and a bit long when worn with flats, so keep that in mind if you’re short too.

bottom line

The author wears a black puff sleeve dress at the bookstore

Olivia Ross Ferrero/The Insider

Whether your personal aesthetic (like mine) is all about those romantic vibes or you just want to try out your look for an upcoming event or trip, I can’t recommend this dress enough. Ultralight and easy to put on in a pinch, you can elevate the look with heels or keep it low-key with sandals or sneakers. In short: you can totally wear this to brunch, picnic dates, or traveling (like I did on my honeymoon). It’s safe to say that this dress has become one of the real staples I’ve tried, affordable but a complete statement.

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