Traveler fined nearly $2,000 for McMuffins hiding in backpack

A traveller who arrived in Australia from Indonesia has been fined nearly $2000 after border guards found two wheat muffins and a ham croissant secretly hidden in their backpacks.

Biosecurity detection dog Zinta sniffed out eggs and meat contraband at Darwin Airport, leading to fines, officials said on Monday.

Australian Agriculture Minister Murray Watt said: “This will be the most expensive Macas meal this passenger has ever eaten.”

Australia has extremely strict biosecurity laws designed to protect the country’s large agricultural industry from imported pests and diseases.

Authorities are now on high alert following an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in Indonesia, with all meat imported from the country being checked.

The disease poses no risk to humans, but is a serious, highly contagious viral disease in livestock.

At $2,664, the fine is the equivalent of the cost of 567 sausage and egg waffles in Sydney, or the cost of several return flights to Bali.

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