Weekly Shonen Jump’s Hiroyuki Nakano and Yuji Iwasaki talk about One Piece reaching volume 100

What is the use piece Manga celebrates volume 100 and I caught up Weekly Shonen Jump’s Editor-in-Chief Hiroyuki Nakano and one piece Editor Yuji Iwasaki finds out why the manga persists.

Starting with Nakano, I wonder what drew him to manga work in the first place.

“I am coming from Fukui Prefecture, as far as Japan is concerned, it is almost in a remote area. As a kid, I was a voracious reader, not just comics. I could spend hours sitting quietly in the library reading a book. My parents always said I was a little maintenance kid.

“As far as I can remember, I remember Doraemon. Later, I remember the first comic I bought with my pocket money was Captain Wing and ultimate muscle.

“I love books, I applied for a job in the publishing industry, and fortunately Shueisha accepted me. After my training, I was assigned to the Shonen Jump editorial department. Of all Shueisha publications, Weekly Shonen Jump is my favorite It’s also the most I’ve read so far, so I’m happy, but also have the faith to do my best to make the magazine better.

“The most important role of an editor is to foster the growth of cartoonists and help them create hits, but it’s not an easy task. Put everything you have into creating something you think is great, just because it doesn’t It’s so popular, and the series is coming to an end, it’s heartbreaking.

“Of course, it would be great if the series you edited would get reader hits and gain popularity both in Japan and globally. I’ve had the pleasure of attending events outside of Japan many times and have seen the Jump games so popular, including many cosplay characters fans, and I’m very proud.”

Keep going pieceI’m curious what Nakano thinks is the secret to its success.

“Simply put, I think it is Oda Eiichiro The desire to make really interesting stuff is credited to his passion and strength as a creator. Beyond that, I think its success can also be attributed to Oda’s expanding the series’ readership over time by targeting younger kids first.There are a lot more piece Pioneering the comic book industry, including incredible art and story composition, full of foreshadowing that connects the plot from start to finish.In short, I think piece Be an exciting series for anyone, at any time.

piece is entering its final saga. I’m sure readers will love it, and I think this will be a historic moment for comics, so I’m excited to witness it with fans around the world. “

For a more in-depth study one piece During the editing process, I wanted to hear Iwasaki’s opinion and how he got into the role.

“I took over as editor of the manga in April 2020. I remember feeling a strange sense of excitement when I had the opportunity to be a part of the creation piecethe series I’ve loved since I was a kid, and a sense of responsibility for future series.

“I think the biggest part one piece Success is Oda’s childlike curiosity. It was as if he was always looking for inspiration. I think it’s an incredible achievement for him to be able to weave so many interesting aspects into such an epic plot.

“It’s hard to always see things from the reader’s perspective. piece It’s the kind of series where the deeper you go, the more interesting it becomes. However, piece There are casual fans as well as hardcore fans, so accessibility has always been my number one consideration. “

“Overall, it was an incredible experience to be able to watch the world’s greatest cartoonists at work up close and personal. I hope to use everything I’ve learned working with Oda to help the next generation Cartoonists achieve everything they can.

“I’m glad to know how many people are enjoying piece all around the world. Thank you so much for your support, hope you enjoy Luffy and the crew as they continue their adventures! “

This Volume 100 piece Available from online retailers such as Amazon Priced at $9.99, published by Viz Media.

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