Alex Jones defamation trial latest: Conspiracy theorist steps up in defamation case and apologizes to Sandy Hook parents

Sandy Hook mother confronts Alex Jones in court

InfoWars founder and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is testifying in his defense, claiming he must pay the parents of a schoolboy killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting as he claims the Holocaust is a scam.

Jones is on trial in Austin, Texas, to decide how much he must pay to spread the fallacy about the school shooting that took the lives of 20 children and six adult employees at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Reuters.

Neil Hessling and Scarlett Lewis, parents of Jesse Lewis, who died in the December 14, 2012 shooting when he was 6 years old, are presenting to radio and network hosts Man and his company seek up to $150 million in damages – Free Speech Systems LLC. They all testified on Tuesday.

While Mr Hesling testified, Mr Jones continued to slander him on his show. Ms Lewis said she was delighted to be able to look him in the eye from the stands. In a tense moment at the end of the day, the judge rebuked Jones and reminded him that he was taking the oath.


Parents of Sandy Hook shooting victims say they’ve been through ‘years of hell’

The father of a child killed in the Sandy Hook shooting told a court on Tuesday he and his wife had been through “years of hell” as InfoWards founder Alex Jones claimed the massacre was a hoax.

Neil Hesling, father of a six-year-old victim, said: “The words about me and Sandy Hook resonated around the world. It took me a while to really realize how dangerous it was.  … Threat. I fear for my life, I fear for my safety.”

He informed the jury about harassing calls and death threats from the booth.

Mr Hesling said when he heard the lie that Sandy Hook didn’t happen, it made him revisit holding his son’s body after the massacre.

Mr Hesling and his wife Scarlett Lewis are seeking up to $150 million in damages after a judge last year found Jones liable for defamation in a default judgment.

The couple have been isolating at an undisclosed location due to what their lawyers say is an unspecified security incident.

InfoWars founder Jones has since admitted to the shooting, but said he was not responsible for his family’s pain.


Alex Jones’ lawyer apologises for calling Sandy Hook lawyer a ‘liar’

A defense attorney representing far-right conspiracy broadcaster Alex Jones has apologised for his misconduct in a heated court row in a legal battle with families of Sandy Hook massacre victims when he was seen addressing accusers The lawyer gave the middle finger.

“I apologize for yesterday’s outburst. It was inappropriate,” attorney F Andino Reynal said Thursday in a Texas courthouse before a jury was seated.


Alex Jones slams reporter as ‘pirate’

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has berated a journalist outside his defamation trial for spreading false claims that the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting was staged.

“You pretend to be a journalist and you want to see people like me so you can say you’re a good guy,” the Infowars host told Huffington Post Reporter Sebastian Murdoch.

Josh Marcus has a story.


InfoWars parent company files for bankruptcy

The parent company of far-right media outlet InfoWars, run by conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, has filed for bankruptcy.

Free Speech Systems LLC filed for bankruptcy on Friday as Mr Jones, its founder and the company could face losses of up to $150 million in trial.


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Mother of Sandy Hook victim sparks backlash against Alex Jones

The mother of the six-year-old boy murdered in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting has testified in the Alex Jones defamation case and spoke directly to the right-wing Infowars host about the damaging effects of his conspiracy claims.

Jesse Lewis’ parents, Scarlett Lewis and Neil Heslin, are suing Jones and his company, Free Speech Media, for $150 million, accusing them of a 2012 conspiracy in Connecticut. Harassment after the Newtown shooting.


Psychiatrist shares heartbreaking aftermath of Sandy Hook shooting

The mother of a Sandy Hook school shooting victim fell asleep beside her bed with a gun, a knife and pepper spray as a result of a harassment campaign by Infowars founder Alex Jones, a psychiatrist Testified in a defamation trial on Monday.


Jones tried to sell his supplements in $150 million defamation trial

Alex Jones tries to promote his supplement business as he appears in $150 million Sandy Hook defamation trial.

The conspiracy theorist bragged about the quality of vitamins sold on his conspiracy theory site Infowars and trumpeted it to a jury that was deciding how much damages he had to pay Mark Hesling and Scarlett Lewis, who lost their six-year-old sons Jesse Lewis killed 20 children and 6 adults in the 2012 school shooting.


And it doesn’t end there…

As soon as Judge Gamble left the room, Jones confronted the parents who filed the lawsuit while trying to shake hands. Their lawyer said “we don’t do that” and Jones replied, “Why because you can’t give them fake videos?”

Here’s what happens when the live stream continues:


Judge Gamble admonishes Jones

This is the moment Judge Gamble condemned Jones for not telling the truth under oath.

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