British father dies after altercation at Magaluf nightclub, family accuses police and bodyguards of ‘brutalism’

A British medical cannabis entrepreneur has accused Mallorca police of being “brutal” after his brother died following an incident at a Magaluf nightclub.

Tobias White, 35, was taken to intensive care in an induced coma after suffering serious injuries after going to the nightclub.

After doctors said Tobias was brain dead, his family decided to turn off his life support.

His brother Maximilian White told independent His life turned into a nightmare, saying: “I feel like I have nothing right now.”

Tobias was admitted to Son Llatzer Hospital for treatment


He said his brother Tobias was out on the avenue in Magaluf on July 25 with his son and friends.

Tobias put his brother’s son in the taxi before heading home, then returned to the club to retrieve his T-shirt.

“He realised he had left it at the club. He went back to stand with his girlfriend for a drink and two security guards tried to evict him.

“The video shows that they handcuffed him, beat him, took him to another area and beat him again,” Maximilian said.

Maximilian (left) says his brother (right) was a victim of ‘police brutality’


Maximilian White (left) and his brother Tobias


Maximilian then claimed that eight police officers arrived and sat on his brother while he was handcuffed.

“He was on two sedatives and it turned out he had a heart attack. On arriving at the hospital, the police told them it was an overdose, so they did not treat him properly.

“Eight of them sat on him for 30 minutes and he had two heart attacks in the street. It wasn’t death, it was torture,” he said.

“If my brother hadn’t been approached so brutally, if the police had not been so brutal, he would have gone home long ago. The truth is, if he had put on a T-shirt, he would have gone home long ago,” added Maximilian road.

The National Guard said they “do not use this arresting technique.”

Tobias White on holiday with family in Mallorca when he died


They said Tobias had been “arguing with security”, adding: “Tobias White was fired for refusing to wear his T-shirt and for his bad behaviour.”

They continued: “Guardia Civil responded to a tip-off from the agency’s private security. Tobias was in a state of aggression and defiance of authority and had to take painkillers, which combined with the narcotic substances Tobias consumed led to his sending to the hospital.

“During drug tests, Tobias White tested positive for up to three substances, including cocaine and hash.”

Police claim Tobias was arrested after ‘argument’


After his arrest, Tobias was kept in hospital by police, and his family claimed they were not allowed to see him for three days.

Maximilian, who lives in Dubai but also holidayed with his family in Mallorca, said he played Tobias’ favourite song when they turned off his life support.

“I was here with his kids and they asked where their father was and I didn’t know what to say,” he said. “I played Toby’s favorite song, Somewhere Out There from An American Tail, and it was the one we used to sing together at karaoke. We pulled the machine out and it took him eight minutes to walk away.

“As a big brother, I have a responsibility to take care of my siblings. I feel like I let my family down.”

After his arrest, Tobias was guarded by police in hospital


Tobias’ family has called for a full investigation into his death.

They said in a statement: “We are saddened by the tragic and sudden loss of Tobias – beloved son, brother, father, uncle and friend. Tobias’ family will ensure the cause of his death Conduct a full and thorough independent investigation.

“Spain and the UK will take legal action. Those responsible for his injuries will be held accountable.

“Police and doctors will be required to be completely transparent. Every effort will be made to bring justice to Tobias. We appreciate everyone’s support.”

The nightclub has been contacted for comment.

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