Cuba sees island-wide protests over scheduled rolling blackouts

Cuban citizens took to the streets across the country on Monday to protest the communist Castro regime, particularly against the country’s collapsing power grid, which required planned rolling blackouts.

Cuban communist regime Announce In July, a new rolling blackout schedule will go into effect in August.Unlike the rest of the country, Havana’s capital, Havana, which has so far been unaffected by ongoing blackouts, will also be affected by rolling blackouts, Havana Governor Reinaldo García Zapata said his decision was think “A gesture of solidarity with the nation”.

Residents of Santiago, eastern Cuba, the country’s second-largest city, took to the streets in protest in support of slogans against the Castro regime, such as “Bastaya” (enough), “pongan la corriente, pinga“(“Power On, Damn!”) and “Díaz-Canel, new high(“Asshole Diaz-Canel,” referring to the island’s puppet president, Miguel Diaz-Canel).

“What they did to us was abuse. There was no electricity all morning, and it went out again at 11am,” rights activist Aurora Sancho Say Monday to 14 y Medio, an independent Cuban news outlet. “It all started when a neighbor started making noise with an iron and complaining. Gradually, others joined him. People here today can’t take it anymore.”

Sulaine Videaux, a resident of Santiago de Cuba, posted a video on Facebook on Monday in which she explained that regular power outages could last up to eight hours and relayed that protesters were chanting “Down with the dictatorship,” “Down with Cass.” Tro-Carnell,” and “Down with all the repressors of the Communist Party.”

News site Diario de Cuba report That Caserazos – A form of protest in which a group of people banging on empty pots and pans to make noise – Monday in San Jose de la Lajas, Maya Baker, La Herradura, Consolacion del Sur, Binardel Held in Rio, Trinidad, San Spiritus, Antila, Holguin, Caonao del Sur y Covadonga, en Cienfuegos, Mabay, and Granma.

In Cienfuegos, protesters plunder One of the “Free Currency” (MLC) stores operating on the island. These areas are seen as symbols of the Castro regime and the dual currency system it imposed on the country. Products and products in these stores can only be paid in Cuban convertible pesos, a currency that citizens of the country cannot use for free.

In Bayamo province, protesters chanted “Communist slogans”¡ El pueblo unido jamás será vencido!“(“A united people will never be defeated”) against the communist regime.

Cuba’s crumbling and aging power infrastructure is on the verge of complete collapse.The island largely depends on a series of continuously Failed thermal power plants to generate electricity.plants have report Produces energy at less than 40% of its capacity – some of the country’s electrical infrastructure dates back to Soviet times and has been tinkered with over the years over its expected life cycle.

The Cuban regime has been addressing its energy crisis by get A series of floating power boats from Turkey to help make up for the island’s growing electricity shortage – however, they are not enough to make up for the situation, with Cuba’s energy crisis worsening in 2022.

May 2022, with Report Power outages of up to 14 hours a day prevent Cubans from cooking in areas without gas. By July 2022, the energy minister of the Castro regime, Liván Arronte Cruz, Admission There is “no short-term solution” to Cuba’s worsening energy crisis.

The Cuban Conflict Observatory, a civil society organization, released a Report On Monday, it noted that nationwide after July 11, 2021, protestand 3,266 protests against the Castro regime, 1,713 of which occurred in the first half of 2022.

“fear [of the communist regime] did not paralyze Cubans,” the report reads.

The report also details an increase in protests due to worsening power outages, the collapse of Cuba’s health system, the latest dengue fever, and more. break out On the island, there are severe shortages of food and medicine, and inflation.

Christian K. Caruzo is a Venezuelan writer who documents life under socialism.You can follow him on twitter here.

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