Eric Schmidt defeats former Gov. Eric Gretens in Missouri Republican Senate primary, NBC Project

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Eric Greitens, scandal-ridden former Missouri governor, launches comeback against government will many republicanswill lose the state’s Republican Senate primary, the NBC News program.

Eric Schmidt, who is currently the state’s attorney general, is expected to run in the general election, when he will run against the Democratic candidate for the vacant seat of retired Republican Sen. Roy Blunt.

The preliminary results marked a fiasco for Gretens, who fully embraced former President Donald Trump and domestic abuse allegations As he tried to get back on the political front.

Gretens announced his Senate bid nearly three years after he resigned from the governor’s office after he was accused of blackmailing a barber with whom he had an affair.Gretens admits tryst, but reject He had threatened to release the nude photos he took of her if she revealed it.

He was charged with felony invasion of privacy in connection with alleged extortion. Greitens was also charged with illegal use List of Charitable Donors Help fund his 2016 gubernatorial campaign.Both charges are fall Around the time Gretens resigned in June 2018.

Missouri Governor Eric Gretens poses for a photo at the Robin Hood Veterans Summit in New York City.

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those and other scandals leading mainstream republicans Worry Gretens’ candidacy jeopardizes the party’s control of Senate seats in the state, which could otherwise reliably elect Republicans to senior positions. Democrats are desperate to maintain a slim Senate majority, but their control of the Senate is threatened by a challenging political environment exacerbated by President Joe Biden’s unpopularity and recent economic turmoil.

Gretens was in full accord with Trump during his Senate campaign, including responding to Trump’s false claims that widespread fraud tainted the 2020 presidential election. Kimberly Guilfoyle, the girlfriend of Donald Trump Jr., joined Gretens’ campaign as national co-chair.

But the former president ultimately did not give Gretens his full support.Instead, he oddly endorsed “Eric” in the Missouri Republican Senate primary, where Two top candidates named Eric.

“I trust the great people of Missouri to make their own decisions on this issue,” Trump said in a social media post on the eve of the primary.

Gretens and Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmidt both touted Trump’s statement as if it were a personal endorsement.

The vote average comes from really clear politics Show Gretens has a smaller lead in the Democratic primary than either of his two biggest rivals in the Republican primary.

After Sheena Greitens filed court documents in March accusing Eric Greitens of abusing her and their young son while they were married, many top Republicans called for Greitens to quit.

“If you hit a woman or a child, you should be handcuffed, not the U.S. Senate,” said Sen. Josh Hawley, a Missouri Republican who investigated Gretens when the Missouri attorney general .

passivate oneself Says Gretens “should not be a candidate for the Senate” if Sheena Gretens’ allegations are true.

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