House Democrats use AR-15 to push terrorism charges against mass shooter

Rep. Seth Moulton (D-MA) and Veronica Escobar (D-TX) are pushing for the Mass Shooter Prosecution Act, which would punish mass shooters if they used firearms Its “support network” open terrorism charges are often labelled “offensive weapons”.

Yahoo News lead “They are terrorists and they should be prosecuted as terrorists,” Moulton told the mass shooters.

he added,”[The bill] It also allows prosecutors to track down material support networks. A network that provides assistance, perhaps its guide, illustrates the map. Anything that helps these attackers carry out these vicious attacks. “

Escobar said: “My El Paso community has been forever changed by the actions of domestic terrorists fueled by white supremacy. With this legislation, we are giving law enforcement the tools they need to investigate terrorist networks and any individual responsible for the attack on our community.”

The text of the Mass Shooter Prosecution Act defines a mass shooter as “a person who, under the circumstances described in subsection (b), uses a machine gun or covered semi-automatic weapon to kill three or more persons in a single incident.” .

Semi-automatic weapons that fit the “mass shooting” heading are the same types of weapons House Democrats voted to ban last week. Firearms other than those clearly fall outside the scope of the proposed terrorism charges.

punishment for those meet A “mass shooter” is defined as “many years or life in prison”. “

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