‘It’s not my job here to blame people’

On CNBC’s “Closing Bell,” which aired Tuesday, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) answered a question about who was responsible for inflation, saying “it’s not my job to blame people. You want to blame people, You’ll never achieve anything. I’m here to do things.”

Host Sara Eisen asked: “In the past, you’ve been critical of the Fed’s Senator Manchin for being late and slow to the fight against inflation. Do you think they’re doing well now?”

Manchin acknowledged his past criticism of the Fed, adding: “Well, they’re coming now. They’re doing their jobs now. It took them a while to get kicked in. But they’re doing their jobs. Let’s see what happens. But we can do a lot more, basically, through production, get out of the energy production chain, let our oil companies do what they do, let our gas companies — let Let’s build some pipes, let’s get things done here.”

After Manchin said inflation was harmful, Eisen asked: “Who owns it and who is to blame for it? The Fed? The Biden administration? Congress? You passed $2 trillion in spending at a time. [when] Is America reopening? “

Manchin replied, “Sarah, it’s not my job to blame people here. You want to blame people, you’re never going to get anywhere. I’m here to do things. My Republican friends are upset right now, for some reason. For what reason, I don’t know. They’re still my friends, they’ll always be my friends, and we work great together. We did the three things they asked me to do. They always said, we can’t produce more How much? Absolutely. Can’t we pay our debts? Absolutely. Can we simplify the licensing process? Absolutely. Under normal circumstances, it’s not that toxic because people hate each other so much and I love them all. …this It’s America’s bill. Let the American people win. Once, let them win.”

Back in April 2022, Manchin reacted to inflation data released that month statement “The Fed and [a]The government failed to act fast enough, and today’s data is a timely snapshot of the consequences being felt across the country. “

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