Kansas is a ‘choice earthquake’ – abortion can play ‘very big role’ in midterm elections

Kansas voters’ passing “no” on a ballot measure that would remove language protecting abortion from the state constitution was a “quake of choice,” MSNBC political analyst Jonathan Alter said on “MSNBC Prime” Tuesday.

“What do you think of what you’ve seen so far tonight?”

Alter said: “I think the big news is the ‘choice earthquake.’ If in a state like Kansas, pro-abortion rights show up in so many numbers and win more than expected, the issue is going to be huge in the election. I mean, according to some polls, they’re expected to lose by a narrow margin. It’s a blowout. It sends a big message to Democrats nationwide.”

He continued, “Now, if you look closely at the polling data, the red wave theory has fallen apart over the past few weeks. It’s obviously going to be a very competitive election in the fall. No red wave. That’s history. But we don’t Knowing how much abortion can make a difference, and tonight showed that it could make a big difference.”

Alter added: “Now that people think Democrats are likely to get a seat in the Senate, it’s getting more and more likely that they will control the House.”

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