Kennedy says he supports Pelosi’s Taiwan visit ‘unconditionally’, credits her ‘self’

On FNC’s “Story” show Tuesday, Sen. John F. Kennedy (R-LA) admitted he approved House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to visit Taiwan, but he mocked the circumstances of her visit.

The Louisiana Republican told host Martha McCallum that the trip was a product of Pelosi’s “ego,” adding that it was a distraction from all the political dilemmas facing Pelosi and the Democrats.

“Well, Martha, I unconditionally support Speaker Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan, but there’s an explanation,” he said. “From the outside, Washington is petty and selfish, and you should see it from the inside. The whole exercise started with Speaker Pelosi’s ego. Now when you talk about nuclear war with China, you should take back your ego And shoot it. But that’s not Speaker Pelosi’s way. She knows that after the midterms, she’s not a speaker anymore. She’s probably not in Congress anymore. So I think she thinks the trip is about saying, Well, look at me again. She talked to the White House. Speaker Pelosi’s staff or some dick in the White House leaked it.”

“And, on top of that, President Biden has spoken out about it and said, oh well, maybe she shouldn’t go,” Kennedy continued. “Well, at that moment, she had to leave because a weak or weak appearance would invite a pack of wolves. So, I’m glad the speaker went. But if she really wanted to show the strength of the United States of America, she would do it once A cross-party trip. She’ll bring Kevin McCarthy. She’ll bring the Secretary of Defense. But no, it’s her. This is the Speaker Pelosi show. The added bonus of all of this is that we’re not talking about inflation or Crime or open borders or her husband’s stock trading. That’s how this town works.”

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