RNC slams Arizona County over ballot issues on primary night

The Republican National Committee (RNC) and the Republican Party of Arizona (RPAZ) issued a joint statement late Tuesday slamming Pinar County’s ballot issues on primary night.

The following Report RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel and RPAZ Chair Kelli Ward issued a joint statement calling for Pinar County Elections Director David Frisk to “immediately” deprive Arizonans for a “total failure” suffrage” and resigned. “

The joint statement reads as follows:

During the Arizona primary, the Republican National Committee and the Arizona Republican Party’s Poll Observer Program documented and reported multiple defeats by Pinar County election administrators, including 63,000 mail-in ballots sent to the wrong voters, and Multiple Republican-heavy constituencies ran out of votes. It’s a total failure that disenfranchises Arizonans and exemplifies why Republican-led ballot box transparency efforts are so important. Pinar County Elections Director David Frisk should resign immediately.

The official Twitter page of the Pinar County government confirmed that the lack of ballots, claiming “an unprecedented demand for in-person voting”.

The county claims that the shortage is only for a limited number of precincts, and that the country will continue to print some extra ballots and distribute them to polling places in affected precincts as voting was still in progress earlier in the day.

Interestingly, the RNC announced exclusively to Breitbart News over the weekend that it had reached a major milestone by investing millions of dollars in electoral integrity in the midterm elections.

The commission’s investments include 17 state election integrity directors and 28 state election integrity commissions, which recruit tens of thousands of poll watchers and staff in battleground states across the country.

With 100 days left until the election last weekend, the RNC has passed a major milestone with more than 32,000 poll watchers in the cycle’s primary, popular and special elections so far. In addition, they have conducted more than 65,000 unique volunteer events and conducted more than 2,700 election integrity trainings.

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