State abortion ban ‘from communist China’ – ‘it’s tyranny’

Washington Post commentary writer Jennifer Rubin said Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Last Words” that several states have enacted abortion bans like “something from communist China.”

Discussing Kansas voters passing “No” on a ballot measure that would remove language protecting abortion from the state constitution, guest host Zelena Maxwell asked, “Is it possible that the anti-abortion movement is underestimating how much they are The backlash that Booth will receive afterward?”

“I don’t actually think it’s unintentional,” Rubin said. That’s exactly how they think about women. That’s exactly how they think about abortion. The Supreme Court doesn’t value women’s basic rights, health, or life. It’s them A natural consequence of what was done. I think the stories are deeply disturbing, but more important than the specific cases here or there, they are in women, men and people who don’t usually discuss the issue or politics at all There was a conversation between. Now they’re looking at this, they’re having this conversation. Are our politicians going to force someone to stay pregnant and force them to give birth? It sounds like something from communist China. In a sense Say, it’s tyranny.”

He added: “It’s not just national Republicans who are out of touch. All those state legislators who have passed these standards, and the governors who have signed it, are totally out of touch with the people in their states. These people, many of them, will also be participating. Ballots, Democrats are sure to point out that state legislators, governors, and all sorts of people on and off the ballot have committed to enforcing these tough laws. We have prosecutors, the attorney general of Indiana, who is going after a 10-year-old of rape victims who perform abortions. All of these people will be held accountable. They will be facing voters, it’s real. Now that’s not a hypothetical.”

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