We need a defense production bill for the seven-year Javelin we experienced in Ukraine, not a Green New Deal

On Fox News Channel’s “Fawkner Focus” on Tuesday, Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) said the U.S. has “burned seven years’ worth of Javelin missiles in Ukraine.” And we don’t have the ability right now to buy these things in the quantities we need and store them”, and we need to invoke the Defense Production Act for that, not “a Green New Deal project that’s really just to appease the progressive base of the Democratic Party.”

Gallagher says [relevant remarks begin around 8:15] Friendship with Taiwan “will involve some tough talk. We’ve been trying to convince Taiwanese to invest in these so-called asymmetric systems, rather than buy some traditional capabilities that we think are less effective. But the better our overall diplomatic relationship, the better. I think the better position we’re in when we have the dialogue. You mentioned Ukraine, the hard part is we just burned seven years worth of Javelin missiles in Ukraine. And we don’t have the ability right now to buy those things in the quantities we need And stock them up, not just in Europe, but in the Indo-Pacific. That’s what we need a crash program for. That’s what we need to use the Defense Production Act for, not really just to appease Democratic Progressives Fundamental Green New Deal programs.”

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