‘We will not win the war with China’

On Monday, FNC host Tucker Carlson cast doubt on U.S. military preparedness on the eve of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) planned visit to Asia, especially Taiwan.

According to the FNC host, the Defense Department is more focused on developing a left-wing agenda than strengthening its ranks.

He argues that the United States cannot win the war against China.

Carlson: Biden has systematically politicized and weakened the U.S. military since the day he took office, so that we cannot win a war against China. Sorry, it’s true.

There, General Mark Milley told Congress that soldiers needed to understand white anger or they would not be ready to fight. Attacking people based on skin color, right?

Fire SEALs because they won’t get vaccinated, the healthiest people in the world, they’re fired because they won’t get vaccinated, and then just to fully figure out what the point is, the point of course is humiliation and depravity, a century-old military tradition The destruction, let’s have a drag show at a military base, and they’re doing it now.

No one should be surprised that people really don’t want to join such an army, an awakened army. It’s a joke, and the hiring numbers show it.

This is a crisis. The U.S. military is now signing up, literally, a brain-dead army. This is not an exaggeration. The Army used to ban recruits with mental health issues, including self-harm, because of course you wouldn’t. You wouldn’t give them guns if they had a history of mental instability.

But now, the Department of Defense is issuing waivers for recruits who need them, as well as recruits with ability issues. In other words, with such a low IQ, it’s hard to navigate modern warfare and a drug addiction record. But all of this, lowering the bar to these points, is still not enough to set hiring goals.

The Army just told Congress it must reduce its overall strength by 10,000 troops next year. By 2023, we will be short of 21,000 soldiers. So far this fiscal year, the Army is just halfway through its recruiting goal with just two months left. Why? Two months left. They are half done.

Well, again, because of the military under Joe Biden, because it’s so frustrating, don’t want to say that, the last great meritocracy in the West is no longer meritocracy. It’s totally politicized, firing soldiers who didn’t shoot.

Over 60,000 National Guard and Reserve Soldiers just lost their pay and benefits in the face of overwhelming evidence that the gun doesn’t actually work and could hurt you, especially if you’re a young man and they don’t want to shoot what they constitute most of our troops.

Then the military told white people again that they were privileged and inherently evil. Air Force Recruiting Director Major General Ed Thomas published an op-ed titled (we’re not making it up) “86% of Air Force pilots are white males. Here’s why this needs to change.” Really? The thousands of Air Force pilots who died serving their country happened to be white. Their families are now effectively being told they shouldn’t be flying because of their race.

So what does the Air Force want to be? Well, at the end of July, the Air Force had a diversity festival in Langley with a drag show with a performer named Hubby Daniels. Of course, kids are welcome. The Air Force also paid for bouncy houses and face painting for the kids to keep them busy between all the drag shows.

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