5 Best Crypto Presale and Crypto ICOs in 2022

It’s best to get involved before the next big thing hits the market. An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) can be a good time to grab some tokens, but pre-sale is even better. Many cryptocurrencies have ICOs, but it’s important to identify the best crypto presale.

Our list includes the 5 best crypto pre-sale and crypto ICOs in 2022.

5 Best Crypto Presale and Crypto ICOs in 2022

We scoured the market for the best crypto presale and compared them to determine the top five options. Our comparison shows that the best crypto presale is Battle Infinity.

  1. Battle Unlimited – Best overall pre-sale for NFT-based fantasy sports games
  2. lucky block – Best competition platform
  3. Dorum – Popular ecosystem of artists, actors and musicians
  4. ManorX – Real estate platform
  5. sleep care – Innovative sleep earn cryptocurrency platform

A closer look at the 5 best crypto pre-sale and crypto ICOs in 2022

Let’s dive into the details of each crypto presale to see what makes them so special.

1. Battle Infinity – Best overall pre-sale for an NFT-based fantasy sports game

Battle Unlimited It is at the top of the list because it provides players with multiple benefits, such as access to six platforms. This is an NFT-based fantasy sports game where players can earn income while playing games and exploring the metaverse with a VR headset. The ecosystem is designed to enable players to interact with other players in real-time using their unique avatars, which they can personalize by adding clothing and fashion items obtained from the Battle Market.

Assets and characters are tokenized so that players can use NFT passes to enter leagues and competitions in the IBAT Premier League. When starting the game, players can buy the native token IBAT on Battle Swap, and players can also use it to sell rewards in other currencies.

In addition to building teams and setting budgets, players can also earn rewards for participating in Battle Stakes. Players compete with each other to get the highest annual yield (APY). Players can choose between single, double and crate bets. Half of the IBAT transaction fees are transferred to the global staking pool, which rewards the most active players.

Battle games allow players to access multiple games and compete for Daily, Tournament, League and Ranked rewards. The developers designed this Metaverse game as KYC for CoinSniper’s tamper-proof ecosystem, and Solid Proof audits the smart contracts so investors don’t have to worry about getting pulled.

Battle Infinity is one of the biggest fantasy game projects in India, competing with giants like Dream11 and Mobile Premier League. The pre-sale starts on July 11, 2022 and runs for 90 days until October 10. The pre-sale price for one IBAT is $0.0015.

join in Telegram group Have over 3,000 members and receive information about the IBAT airdrop giveaway during the pre-sale.

Visit the IBAT pre-sale here

2. Lucky Block – Best Competition Platform

we find lucky block Be another good option as its native token, LBLOCK, has been proven to provide investors with decent returns. Investors who bought LBLOCK in February 2022 watched as it rose more than 1,100% in two weeks.

Lucky Block is a global NFT competition platform that gives investors access to Platinum Rollers Club NFTs – players participate in sweepstakes to earn rewards. The platform runs a main draw every week and an NFT draw every Friday. The winner of the main draw will receive $50,000 in LBLOCK. Participants can purchase tickets to the main draw for $1, and a minimum of 5 tickets is required to enter.

Participants do not charge transaction fees when purchasing tickets, and Lucky Block provides two tokens – BEP20 for DEX and ERC20 for CEX. The original coin also contains a 12% tax.

The second version of the coin is CEX, which will be launched in July 2022. Transactions are not taxed, but there are also no rewards from mining pools. The main difference of the LBLOCK V2 token is that it solves the problem encountered by the V1 token, which was prevented from being listed on major exchanges. The CEX version is listed on LBank. Day traders can speculate on the price movement of the coin as they do not incur taxes and its listing greatly increases the liquidity of the coin.

Lucky Block’s platform is constantly evolving. Soon, users will be able to buy NFTs with fiat currencies, and NFT owners can send their NFTs to any market to trade on secondary markets.Lucky Cube is one of them The most fun and profitable crypto games.

3. Dorum – a popular ecosystem of artists, actors and musicians

Dorum is a BEP-20 token running on the Binance Smart Chain network, using its native token, DorumCoin, to exchange exclusive author content in the NFT marketplace. Investors explore the platform through the Metaverse roadmap to observe art exhibitions and virtual museums. Some of the tokenized items in the museum are sculptures, music and paintings.

The main attraction is exclusive access to artwork and experience a combination of conference room and concert in this crypto game. The total supply of DorumCoin is limited to 121 million pieces, of which 9% is burned, divided into 24-month burns.

In addition to having access to the NFT Marketplace and NFT Virtual Museum, players will also have access to the Dorum professional social meta-network. This is part of the Dorum Metaverse, where professionals can publish and share author-exclusive content. The social network focuses on professionals such as designers, architects, models and artists.

4. EstateX – Real Estate Platform

Real estate is part of many wealthy people’s investment portfolios. Investors who want anytime access to their real estate, no matter where they are, will love EstateX. The platform aims to simplify real estate investing by making it available to investors of all budgets and locations.

EstateX enables real estate investments starting at $100 by using blockchain technology to provide investors with fractional ownership of real-world properties. The platform aims to lower the barrier to entry for real estate investing, which was once reserved for institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals.

To earn passive income, investors need to purchase $ESX tokens to participate in the EstateX economy. The main advantage of joining this platform is that no large deposits are required, no credit checks are required, and investors have complete control over their portfolio. EstateX Economy provides a hassle-free investment as investors do not need to worry about property maintenance and repairs.

5. Sleep Care – a platform to earn cryptocurrency through innovative sleep

One of the best crypto presale is Sleep Care. This is a sleep earning app running on Binance Smart Chain, offering players a platform to monetize their sleeping habits. Sleep Care determines sleep quality by rewarding players using metrics collected from the user’s phone.

To participate, players need to turn on their GPS location and body sensors. Other criteria is to have Metamusk or Trustwallet to earn rewards. Rewards are distributed in $SLEEP tokens, and players need to own at least 500 to join the Sleep Earning app. A minimum of five hours of sleep is required to start earning rewards.

The platform also offers a monthly leaderboard of the healthiest sleep cycles, with prizes for the best participants.Sleep care is one of them The best gaming cryptocurrency to buy And enables players to view each other’s sleeping habits.

How to buy IBAT

Since IBAT is the best crypto pre-sale, we have included simple steps on how to buy coins.

Step 1: Open an Account

access Battle Unlimited Website and click “Connect Wallet”.

Step 2: Purchase IBAT

Enter the amount of IBAT to purchase.

After entering the amount, click “Buy IBAT”.

Step 3: Confirm the transaction

Click “Confirm” to confirm in the wallet to process the transaction.

in conclusion

Considering that of all the crypto ICOs we reviewed, Battle Infinity offers players the most benefit, it’s easy to see why IBAT is the first presale option. Players have access to numerous platforms and can earn through Battle Staking in three different ways.

Time is running out to get into this coin, so it’s best to do it now.

Visit the IBAT pre-sale here

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