Alex Jones invites Sandy Hook parents to InfoWars to prove grief

  • Alex Jones was asked in court how he would prove he was truly sorry for defaming Sandy Hook parents.
  • Jones responded by inviting them to InfoWars, a show he repeatedly maligned them.
  • It is unclear whether they accepted the invitation.

Alex Jones said in court on Wednesday that he would express his remorse for defaming Sandy Hook parents by inviting them to InfoWars, where he spread his conspiracy theories about the shooting.

Jones has issued an invitation from the witness stand as part of an ongoing defamation trial, and he has found responsible.

It is now being determined how much compensation he will pay to grieving parents Neil Hessling and Scarlett Lewis.

On Wednesday, he admitted that the Sandy Hook shooting was “100 percent real,” contradicting many of his past assertions.

As part of the proceedings, Judge Maya Guerra Gamble read out some of the jury’s questions to put to Jones.

One asked: “If you are truly sorry and sorry for the hurt your words have caused to grieving parents, how are you going to show that instead of just saying that you are sorry?”

Questions went on to ask, for example, whether he would support a foundation called “Choose to Love,” which Lewis set up in honor of her son to promote social and emotional skills programs.

Jones ignored the suggestion. But he did say that if Lewis and Hesling appeared on InfoWars, “it would be huge.”

“I will legally apologise to her and I’d love to invite you to the show, so you can actually come and meet people, come on, I think everyone can see that,” he said.

“I’m even more concerned about that than the monetary aspect,” he added.

The Trial Center show InfoWars was a platform for Jones to repeatedly promote his baseless conspiracy theories about Sandy Hook. He said the December 2012 shooting that killed 26 people was staged and the victims were crisis participants.

Jones went on to say he was “distorted” and that he no longer wanted to be a “Sandy Hooker.”

During the proceedings, Hesling and Lewis did not respond to invitations.

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