Barrasso: Biden needs to show ‘backbone’ on world stage to stop Chinese aggression

Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) said Thursday on FNC’s “America Report” that President Joe Biden needs to show “the backbone” on the world stage to help defend Taiwan from Chinese aggression.

“When China or Putin or whoever sees weakness, they act. That’s what’s happening here,” Barrasso said. “The president needs to show some backbone internationally, and that’s going to take a couple of things. Look. They’re watching closely what’s going on in Russia and Ukraine. We need to make sure Ukraine has all the weapons it needs to defeat Russia. And then the next thing is they’re looking at what weapons Taiwan might have. The U.S. has to make a commitment to make sure Taiwan Have the weapons needed for self-defense. I attended all the classified briefings and knew exactly what was going on there. We needed to make sure we wanted to stop and not start a war. And the way to do that was to turn Taiwan into a porcupine … If China goes after them, it will be too painful.”

Balasso added: “The world is getting more dangerous. We need to make sure Taiwan has what it needs in terms of air defense to prevent anything from China. It’s going to take a while. What we’re doing right now in the U.S. Senate The thing is massive taxation and spending by Democrats.”

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