‘Batgirl’ star Leslie Grace thanks fans after Warner Bros.

  • Leslie Grace thanks fans for making her ‘her own damn hero’ after ‘Batgirl’ was cancelled.
  • “I’m so proud of the love, hard work and intentions all of our incredible cast and tireless crew put into this film,” Grace wrote on Instagram.
  • News broke earlier this week that the $90 million film would be scrapped.

“Batgirl” star Leslie Grace thanked fans for making her “my own damn hero” after Warner Bros. canceled the release of the highly anticipated superhero film.

“Following the recent news about our film ‘Batgirl’, I am grateful for the love, hard work and dedication of all of our incredible cast and tireless crew in Scotland for the 7 months we have put into this film. Intent to be proud,” Grace wrote on Instagram on Wednesday. “I’ve been fortunate enough to work with absolutely great people and build lifelong relationships along the way!”

She continued: “To every Batgirl fan – thank you for your love and belief in enabling me to don the cape and be, as Babs puts it, ‘my own damn hero!'”

“#Batgirl for life!” she concluded.

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New York Post It was first reported that Warner Bros. had shelved “Batgirl” on Tuesday. deadline It was later reported that the film’s budget exceeded $90 million.

“Batgirl” was slated to release on HBO Max later this year, with a possible theatrical release.

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