Blizzard reportedly cancels World of Warcraft mobile game

The World of Warcraft mobile game, which was expected to launch later this year, has apparently been canceled.

as Bloomberg reports(opens in new window), the project code-named “Neptune” was developed for three years through a partnership with Chinese company NetEase. It is expected to be a mobile MMO for World of Warcraft at different times. However, the current development team of more than 100 people has been suspended, and only some people continue to be hired and assigned to other NetEase projects.

NetEase is a long-term partner of Blizzard, serving as the publisher of the company’s games in China and co-creating the free-to-play game Diablo. According to people familiar with the World of Warcraft mobile game deal, Blizzard and NetEase disagreed over financial terms and apparently couldn’t find a solution. At present, neither Blizzard nor NetEase has commented on the matter.

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There must be serious disagreements over Blizzard’s decision to drop three years of work on a game that was guaranteed to be hugely popular. It also doesn’t make sense when you consider that they successfully released Diablo Immortal together, which has now generated millions in revenue.

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