Building a roadmap for Uber in climate tech – TechCrunch

the world needs A company willing to force governments to act on climate change.

Until now, climate tech has been a polite corner of the startup world. All the joy and gratitude, triple bottom line and shared strengths, plenty of virtues and virtue signals.

This is awesome. Saving the world from possible disaster is an honorable mission statement that could permeate the way companies do business. Of course, the world could use more goodwill, not less.

But here’s the thing: right now, the world is moving too slowly, On Tracks 2.7 degrees Celsius of warming by 2100, well below the Paris Agreement target of 1.5 degrees Celsius. There’s no time to take a closer look. We need a climate tech startup that will go all out to force the evolution of rigid governments and corporations.

In short, the world needs a climate tech startup, like Uber in its early days, one that won’t refuse to accept answers, one that can deal with a deeply entrenched, slow-moving industry subject to regulation, one that has deep pockets and deep pockets company of. Set your sights on the long game. If it’s successful, everyone wants to sign up as a customer. The returns for the startup and its investors could be substantial.

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