Congresswoman apologizes to Biden, says he won’t run in 2024

A New York congresswoman seeking control of a new district in the state found herself in an awkward position after sharing her thoughts on whether Joe Biden will run for re-election in 2024.

Carolyn Maloney, one of two incumbent congressmen vying for a Manhattan congressional seat with another progressive challenger, was asked by a moderator about candidates during this week’s primary debate on Spectrum News After she thinks Joe Biden should run for office again, she offers some explanation. in the next presidential cycle.

Ms Maloney responded bluntly at the time: “I don’t believe he’s going to run for re-election.”

Jerry Nadler, another incumbent on the stage, sidestepped the question somewhat, saying it doesn’t help Democrats discuss these things before the midterms. But he also said it was “too early to say”, indicating that he also doubted Biden’s determination to run again. When asked if Mr Biden should run in 2024, the third candidate on stage, Suraj Patel, was the only one who answered simply “yes.”

Two days later, the congresswoman was still clarifying her remarks to reporters.

In a statement to CNN’s MJ Lee on Wednesday, Ms Maloney first tried to quell the reaction: “If he decides to run, I’ll stand by him. I stand by him, I’m not [any] other comments. “

But that’s clearly not enough, she appeared on CNN on Thursday a new dayshe said directly to Mr. Biden: “I want you to run. I happen to think you can’t run, but when you run or run, I’m 100 percent there.”

The embarrassing double drop remains despite repeated insistence by Mr Biden’s press team and the president himself that he will indeed be running for re-election in 2024. If he is re-elected for four more terms, Mr. Biden will reach 82 in January 2025, much older than anyone else sworn in.

Discussions on the issue are taking place as some Democrats begin to publicly call for a “generational” change in their party’s leadership, a not-so-subtle dig at the baby boomers, who are in the House, Senate and Senate. and white house.

Ms Maloney and Mr Nadler are considered fierce rivals and are sometimes vilified in the media. The two are neck and neck in the primary election for New York’s newly redrawn 12th Congressional District, according to a poll recently commissioned by Mr. Patel, where Patel was within the two of them in the same poll. behind.

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