DeSantis suspends state prosecutors who refuse to prosecute transgender people and abortion providers

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis pause a twice-elected state attorney for his refusal to prosecute providers, doctors and families who provide gender-affirming care to transgender youth, and transgender people who use bathrooms that match their gender.

During an Aug. 4 news conference surrounded by law enforcement, the governor also accused 13th Judicial Circuit State Attorney Andrew Warren of not exercising his authority to prosecute people charged with crimes, reflecting what the governor called “incompetent and Willful contempt for his duties.”

Mr. Warren is one of more than 100 prosecutors and officials from across the United States who have pledged not to prosecute abortion providers and abortion patients, ten of them, following the U.S. Supreme Court’s June 24 decision to repeal the constitutional right to abortion. Multiple states are preparing to enact anti-abortion laws that would criminalize abortion care.

Florida’s anti-abortion laws prohibit abortions at 15 weeks, including rape or incest.

Mr Warren also has signed another pledge Use “discretionary powers rather than promoting the criminalization of gender-affirming health care or transgender people.”

There are currently no laws in Florida that criminalize gender-affirming nursing or being transgender or pregnant.

Florida’s medical board is expected to move forward with debunked guidelines denying gender-affirming care to transgender young people in the state.

The government — which also relies on false reports to justify a Medicaid program that bans transgender people of any age — is calling on the state’s health department to ignore federal health guidelines and recommend against providing all gender-affirming care for transgender minors in the state, including Social transition measures such as changing pronouns or wearing different clothes.

Florida’s education commissioner also told state schools on Thursday Ignoring federal anti-discrimination laws that protect LGBT+ students He accused the federal agency of imposing a “sexual ideology” on Florida schools that “compromises the health, safety and welfare of Florida students.”

Mr Warren also called a NSW law Mr DeSantis pushed to impose tough criminal penalties for crimes committed during the protests, calling it an “attack on our democracy”. A federal judge temporarily froze the law.

independent Mr Warren’s office has been asked for comment.

The governor’s announcement — previewed by his press secretary Christina Pushaw as “annual liberal media crash” — was quickly condemned by state officials, abortion rights and LGBT+ advocates.

Democratic Rep. Fentrice Driskell, the Florida House Democratic caucus leader-designate, called Mr. Warren’s suspension “an embarrassment to the elected officials who serve the people of Hillsborough County.” A shocking political attack” that plunged the county’s criminal justice system into “unnecessary confusion and confusion.” “.

“Each county attorney uses their discretion in handling cases in their community,” she said in a statement. “Andrew Warren operates entirely within the appropriate discretion of his office, and if The people of Hillsborough County don’t like what he’s doing, then we can have our voices heard at the ballot box. We don’t need the Governor to come down from Tallahassee to punish people he considers political enemies.”

Ms. Driskell also accused the governor of selectively enforcing state laws after his administration told school districts to ignore federal anti-discrimination laws and a court condemned the administration and Republican lawmakers for violating voting rights laws.

“It’s clearly not about being a government under the rule of law, it’s about being a kingdom of Ron DeSantis that will not tolerate any dissent,” she said.

Minority leader state Sen. Lauren Booker also accused the governor of “behaving more like a dictator than a ‘governor of the United States.'”

Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, who ran against Mr. DeSantis as the Democratic nominee in the gubernatorial race, called Mr. Warren’s suspension a “politically motivated exercise of democratically elected Attacks of state attorneys at the prosecution discretion.”

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