French police station attacked by Molotov cocktails and fireworks

This week, a police station in the French city of Vitry-sur-Seine was attacked by Molotov cocktails and mortar fireworks, and police were later attacked as they tried to track down the suspect.

The attack took place on the outskirts of Paris early Monday morning when the police station was attacked with mortar fireworks and some Molotov cocktails, with the local prosecutor’s office estimating that at least 15 fireworks were fired into the station courtyard.

They were also attacked by mortar fireworks and other projectiles as police tried to track down the attackers, France Info broadcaster Report.

Cretey’s prosecutor’s office commented on the incident, saying it appeared to be a “real ambush” and while no damage to the police station was reported, at least three police vehicles were affected in the attack and three officers were said to have been injured The result is tinnitus.

After the attack, the two underwent identity checks but were not taken into custody, and another man who filmed the attack was arrested but later released.

Footage of the attack later emerged on social media, with journalist Amaury Brelet posting the video on his Twitter account.

Paris police chief Laurent Nunez said on Tuesday that at the request of French Interior Minister Gerald Dalmanin, an operation to protect the police station is underway after the attack, which will last for several days.

“The judicial investigation will continue (…) The laboratory has collected many traces and leads,” Nunes added.

The incident came a day before another attack by police and firefighters in Limoges, which lasted about four hours, saw locals ambushing police in a “sensitive” neighbourhood in the city.

“It was a real ambush and the attackers clearly wanted to fight,” a source said. About a dozen people are said to have attacked the officers with Molotov cocktails and mortar fireworks. Several cars were also set on fire in the area.

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