HBO Max gets Chip and Joanna Gaines, but may lose its speciality

It shouldn’t surprise you that HBO Max is about to enter a world full of damage. It’s bigger and more successful than its current sister streamer, Discovery Plus.But it’s also part of Warner Bros. Discovery, which is now helmed by David Zaslav, a guy who loves some of his reality shows and can Visceral channels, Cancel cool shows, if that means the accounting books will look a little prettier, then delete the movie.Now, just days after his company Cancel batgirl Tax write-offrumor has it that HBO Max will also be phased out.

According to recent estimates, HBO Max has more than 76.8 million global subscribers despite being a very bad app. Discovery Plus, a service launched before the Zaslav merger, has about 22 million users. It’s the third-highest streaming service by subscribers, behind Netflix and Disney Plus. HBO Max, despite being just a crappy app in need of a complete overhaul, feels like proof that you don’t need a huge Marvel and Star Wars –tier franchise or Netflix’s luxury as a first mover in the streaming space to build a pretty strong streaming business.WarnerMedia’s then-CEO Jason Kilar replaced much of what the company already had (best-in-class HBO and its many successful properties; a vast catalog of WB movies and TV shows; and a DC-like A big bag of successful intellectual property. Comics and Harry Potter) and founded HBO Max.

To better differentiate HBO Max from Disney Plus and Netflix, Kilar also risked pissing off Hollywood by offering some particularly important incentives for customers stuck at home because of the pandemic. HBO Max has date and date versions of theatrical movies.

Presumably Zaslav didn’t like Kirar’s strategy. Never mind that his company is merging with Warner Bros. and launching a not-so-popular streaming service full of things you’d be stuck at your parents’ house while doing laundry or on weekends. Never mind that the streamer’s broader strategy is to make “appointment TV” to compete with YouTube, TikTok and Twitch. Zaslav is a reality TV guy. He built Discovery into a reality TV empire, long preferring quick, cheap, easy reality shows to critically acclaimed but expensive scripted TV.

Earlier this year, he hinted that doom was on the horizon for the fledgling HBO Max. “Our goal is to compete with the leading streaming services, not win the consumer wars,” he said in a February call. On the same conference call, CFO Gunnar Wiedenfels said the new company will seek “content efficiency.”

Package and people on twitter Claims Warner Bros. Discovery may announce a major restructuring today during the company’s second-quarter earnings call.According to an anonymous source, HBO Max’s business will clearly bear the brunt, with 70% of their developers to be fired Package to say.

The idea is that HBO will continue to be a hit with Warner Bros. Discovery, but HBO Max, the streaming service that hosts the HBO and Warner Bros. libraries, and a surprisingly steady stream of original programming, will disappear, merging into a new of apps that will host all current content for HBO Max and Discovery Plus (with the notable exception of batgirl).

We’ve known the two apps will merge since March when Wiedenfels confirmed at Deutsche Bank’s 30th Annual Media, Internet and Telecommunications Conference. thenhe called for “some very, very detailed and disciplined planning” to switch clients and merge into two services.

If the rumors about today are true, either plans have changed or someone didn’t get the memo. Instead of a well-thought-out rollout, the company has been a mess over the past few days.cancellation batgirl It has caused a shock in the entire entertainment industry. the next day, HBO Max quietly pulls multiple HBO Max exclusives The withdrawal from service and the cancellation of other production has further raised concerns. (Luckily, the pulled movies are still available. Instead of being stuck in the vault batgirl, They can now only be sold or rented on demand. )

This morning, HBO Max announced that Discovery darlings Chip and Joanna Gaines will be bringing curated content from the Magnolia Network to the streaming service. “We can’t wait to bring these stories we love — including our next adventure, Fixer Upper: The Castle — to HBO Max this September,” the couple said in a statement in an HBO Max press release. Things are suddenly going very fast at Warner Bros. Discovery, and the boat ride is on the wall.

What this means for many of the current HBO Max originals remains to be likes hacker, Harley Quinnand Our flag means death Won huge acclaim and vocal fans.Other Shows Are Dead – Ridley Scott Science Fiction Show Raised by wolves It was cancelled after two mediocre seasons. Later today, Zaslav can repeat what his company did at The CW and start with a second “red wedding,” continues to cancel the binge to further weaken $55 billion in debt incurred by the company in the merger.

This debt is a sword hanging over the company. And the expensive streaming HBO Max, trying to compete with Disney and Netflix, could be used as a shield to protect Warner Bros. Discovery Center’s still lucrative linear cable business.

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