Mark Zuckerberg’s custom minor league baseball cards are turning into NFTs

In addition to “slightly heating up” Meta employees who shouldn’t be on the Metaverse runway, Mark Zuckerberg also highlighted Instagram’s expanded NFT support.Founder and CEO Takes Opportunity to Announce Expanded Support for NFTs on Instagram tell everyone His custom 1992 minor league baseball card is on sale soon, with the NFT included as part of the deal.

I thought he cast it himself, but As explained in the Metropolis Comic Collect profile linked in his post, But in fact, it’s not. The card was custom-made by Zuckerberg for a camp counselor who held it, and it’s now certified and sold as a true collectible, in addition to the digital blockchain receipt. If you check it out in his post, you’ll know by now that Zuckerberg made this card at the age of eight and it says he hit .920 — some pitchers in that league are probably better than others People suspected earlier that video metrics were off — as New York Dobbs Ferry’s right-handed infielder.

This is an interesting time for Meta. Its main cash cow, Facebook, just reported its first decline in second-quarter revenue. Already in disarray, Instagram is rolling back testing of a TikTok-like feature because, as CEO Adam Mosseri told Casey Newton, “people are frustrated and usage data is Not very good.”

As such, Meta is dabbling in the “digital collectibles” niche, albeit with a sharp collapse after its winter peak.One tracker on the dunes Data from OpenSea showed that sales have remained fairly flat in the months since, after falling from levels in May.

in a separate report platform gameNewton noted that Meta, Twitter, and Reddit are all advancing NFT projects, but don’t have any data to share on their performance.

One explanation for this focus is that when combined with the augmented and virtual reality space Zuckerberg is trying to build, the value of these collectibles will explode in some way — but we’re not there yet do it.

today’s message from meta Is a test of NFT support available in over 100 countries, connecting NFTs from Coinbase Wallet and Dapper and from the Flow blockchain.

Correction Aug. 4, 6: XXPM ET: An earlier version of this story said that Mark Zuckerberg was minting his minor league cards as an NFT. In fact, it was sold as collectibles by others, including NFTs. We regret this error.

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