Microsoft is testing a PC Game Pass widget for Windows 11

Microsoft is testing a new widget in Windows 11 designed to highlight what’s available with a PC Game Pass subscription.

The Game Pass widget is currently only available in Windows 11 Insider Preview build 25174(opens in new window)but it seems that this will eventually work for all Windows 11 installations.

Widgets are small windows that display dynamic information on the desktop by pressing the widget button on the taskbar or by using the Win + W keyboard shortcut. For the Game Pass widget, the content displayed will be the latest games added, upcoming games, and game categories highlighted on the service.

If you see something you like, click the widget to load the Xbox app where you can download and install the game. Of course, this assumes you’re signed up and have a PC Game Pass account.

Making the Game Pass widget visible in the preview builds requires opening the widgets pad, then clicking the + icon next to your profile, and then clicking the + next to the new Game Pass option again. The Game Pass widget will then appear on your board and begin dynamically updating its content, so it’s always up-to-date while you’re viewing it.

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Microsoft is asking Windows Insiders who are PC gamers for feedback on the Game Pass widget. They’re open to suggestions to improve what the widget displays, but also wonder if there’s any unexpected behavior.

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