MLB London 2023 Series: St. Louis Cardinals face Chicago Cubs in two games next summer

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New York Yankees beat Boston Red Sox in inaugural London Series of 2019

The 2023 MLB London Series will be played June 24-25 between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Chicago Cubs.

The game will be played at West Ham’s London Stadium.

It follows the success of the inaugural London series between the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees in 2019.

Both games, also held at the London Stadium, were won by the Yankees and were the first regular-season games in Europe.

The Cubs previously played the New York Mets in Tokyo, Japan in 2000, before a three-game series against the Montreal Expos in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Meanwhile, the Cardinals took on the Cincinnati Reds three years ago in Monterrey, Mexico.

Cardinals president and CEO William DeWitt Jr. said his team is “excited and honored” to be involved.

“The Cardinals-Cubs game is one of the best in sports, and it will be exciting to bring it to Europe for a new audience experience,” he added.

“I have no doubt that London’s passionate sports fans will enjoy these games and we look forward to creating some new Cardinals fans overseas.”

The comments were echoed by Cubs executive chairman Tom Ricketts, who added: “After years of the MLB London Series between the Cubs and Cardinals, we’re delighted to finally be able to put one of baseball’s biggest rivals together. Bring it to fans. Go abroad in 2023.

“We hope this series will not only be exciting and entertaining, but also bring more international sports fans to the game we all love.”

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