Panthers’ Jaycee Horn at cornerback poised for 2nd-year breakthrough in 2022

the first year: 3 games | 1 interception | 1 defense | 5 tackles

When Horn’s 2021 season ended in Week 3 with a foot injury, I was frustrated. Until then, he looks smooth and comfortable, and his work proves that. On 69 steals in three games, Horn had two catches for 18 yards and an INT, according to Next Gen Stats.into the season healthy With an asshole mentality, he’s ready to pick up where he left off. I’ve watched his workouts in the offseason and in training camp, and he’s more competitive than expected. He played in every training session, every workout and every game, and honestly, the tenacity reminded me of the way I play. (That’s probably why I like him so much.) As good as Surtain was last season, we have to remember that Horn was the first cornerback to be eliminated from the draft by Carolina for eighth Selected in order. The two guys are 1A and 1B. Horn, the son of former 12-year NFL catcher and four-time Pro bowler Joe Horn, is taking steps toward becoming an elite player, which will cover the No. 1 pick each week in the NFC South this fall. The golfer starts.

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