Raiders’ top picks vs. Jaguars’ preseason picks, plus other picks for Thursday

Congrats everyone, you’ve done it. As Zach kindly told you in this morning’s newsletter, the NFL season will begin tonight with a Hall of Fame game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Las Vegas Raiders. Also, a shout out to Zach who has been persistent lately.

Even though he can barely see, he was able to write the newsletter every morning this week as his eyes teared up over the Washington Nationals trade for Juan Soto. But Zach is a professional. No matter how badly the injury, he’s persevering to get his job done. I hope the wonderful sound of preseason football helps soothe your wounded soul, Zach.

I’ll give you more info shortly on tonight’s game, but first, let’s check out all the latest news.

Now, are you ready to play football?

All time East, all odds via Caesars Sportsbook

🔥 Hot ticket

Raiders vs. Jaguars, 8 p.m. | TV: NBC

Latest odds:

Below 30.5

  • key trends: Since 2010, Hall of Famers have averaged 29.5 points per game, and only three of eight games have scored 31 or more.
  • Pick: Below 30.5 (-110)

I don’t know how often we’ll be betting on preseason NFL games this month, but if you think we’re not going to bet on the first preseason game of the season, you’re crazy. Hall of Fame games are a tradition!this is not a Exciting Tradition, but it’s still a tradition. You’ve been preparing for football’s return all summer, and then, finally, the game is on, and you’re quickly reminded that it’s a preseason game — a glorified game that’s quickly losing its luster.

The only thing that keeps me more focused than the opening minutes is making money in the game, hey ok, will you watch? We put money in the game!

There are a few obvious reasons to bet tonight. The first is that defense tends to be faster than offense in training camp. Another factor to consider is that you won’t see much of the best quarterback or skill position on either roster tonight if they play. This caps offense caps, as well as game calls. Hall of Fame games rarely turn into shootouts, and since 2000, games have been 12-7. Yes, some people keep track of these things.

Here’s what SportsLine has to say about the game: Want another take on the game? SportsLine expert Larry Hartstein also shares his thoughts and opinions.

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⚾ Major League Baseball

Mets Warriors, 7:10 p.m. | TV: MLB.TV

Latest odds:


Choices: Over 8 (-120) — This is the first of a big five-game series between the top two teams in the NL East, but while Mets and Warriors fans will be at stake on each court, think the entire season depends on each. Court, we shudder and support running. The weather forecast for New York tonight predicted favorable conditions for the offense, with both starting pitchers solid but not overly dominant in strikeouts.

Atlanta’s Kyle Wright and New York’s Carlos Carrasco both have above-average strikeouts and below-average walk rates, but neither is elite. They also both allow a lot of hard contact, and with such low totals and weather conditions, any contact could bother them. In the end, both are recent offenses. Last week, the Warriors had the fifth-best run rate, while the Mets had an OPS of 0.945 over the past seven days, the highest in the league.

Key trends: The score is 4-1 in the last five games at Citi Field.

Tigers Rays, 7:10pm | TV: FS1

Latest odds:

Detroit Tigers +158

Pick: Tigers (+158) – The Rays are currently not playing their best baseball. They’ve lost eight of their last 11 games and looked a little vulnerable tonight. While Tampa won 3-2 at Toronto on Wednesday, it used five pitchers in a bullpen game. That means we don’t know who can leave the pen tonight and for how long, which creates questions for Jeffrey Springs tonight starting in Tampa.

Springs has been solid this season with a 2.70 ERA in 73.1 innings, but he started the year off the bench before entering the rotation. Springs has started the last 12 games, but he averaged just five innings per start, and has missed the full five in three of his last five starts. He also posted a 5.32 ERA in those five starts, and while no one would consider the Tigers a great offense, they were far better against southpaws like Springs. If Springs’ recent form holds up and the Tigers continue to play southpaw well and then use a tired ray pen, this could get out of hand.

Key trends: The Rays are 1-5 in their last six away games.

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We’re betting that these two Houston Astros sluggers will be deep in Cleveland tonight.

  • Jordan Alvarez (+185)
  • Keltak (+300)

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