Schumer announces Senate vote on reducing inflation on Saturday

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced Thursday that a motion to advance the Inflation Reduction Act, Democrats’ climate and spending bills, will be voted on Saturday for the bill’s voting process. Prepare.

Mr. Schumer announced the vote even though Senate lawmakers have yet to complete the Byrd Bath process for the legislation to determine whether any part of the Reducing Inflation Act constitutes a “doesn’t matter.”

Democrats, who have only 50 seats in their caucus, hope to pass legislation through a process known as budget reconciliation that would allow them to avoid Republican obstruction to pass legislation with a simple majority that Vice President Kamala Harris broke. draw.

“We expect a vote on the motion to advance the settlement legislation on Saturday afternoon,” he told the meeting.

Schumer announced last week that he and Senator Joe Manchin had reached an agreement on legislation aimed at tackling climate change, promoting renewable energy, lowering the price of prescription drugs and continuing to subsidize the Affordable Care Act. Many in Washington were shocked.

But Democrats didn’t get a firm commitment from Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, a conservative Democrat from Arizona.

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