State TV accused of editing black smoke from nuclear power plant

German state television has been accused of editing a report on the ongoing energy crisis in dark clouds over a nuclear power plant.

State broadcaster Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF) has come under fire for recently airing images of Germany’s continued use of nuclear energy, with many accusing the station of editing a post with a cloudy image. nuclear power plant.

As the country’s frantic climate agenda wreaks havoc in the country, partly due to the ongoing energy crisis, many are now calling for a planned shutdown of the country’s remaining nuclear power plants – which are due to close by the end of the year – to help alleviate the suspended in this case.

in a Report However, on this issue aired by ZDF, according to article Published by picturethe broadcaster appears to have edited an image of a nuclear power plant in the post to include the dark clouds, although the stations naturally only release water vapour in the form of white clouds.

This image is used both in the broadcast and as a thumbnail for broadcasts on several online platforms such as Youtube.

This picture The report ponders whether the addition of black clouds is an attempt to make nuclear power — often seen as a demon by climate fighters such as Greta Thunberg — appear less environmentally friendly. A terrific admission, as it defaults to the broadcaster deliberately doctoring the image to provoke an emotional response from the audience.

The ZDF denies this outright, reportedly telling the publication that — unbelievably — the dark clouds there reportedly represent the potential for power outages and overall instability in the energy grid.

However, the publicly owned broadcaster has replaced its broadcast thumbnail on Youtube with a different image of the power station, this time with the correct color white clouds.

While no doubt a strange event in itself, perhaps the strangest element of the story is that, according to reports, this isn’t even the first time ZDF has been spotted adding black smoke to images of a nuclear power plant.

In fact, the public broadcaster had previously February This year, a spokesperson for the group reportedly claimed to have added a darkening layer to the images to make the added text easier to read.

“Unfortunately, the location of this level is incorrect,” the spokesperson reportedly said, referring to the black smoke that appeared to be added to the image not even behind the added text.

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