Stockport fan tattoos favourite player’s name three days after he signs for new club

A Stockport fan who got his favourite player tattooed days before signing for another club says he has “no regrets”.

Callum, 23, was vacationing with his mates in Zante when he decided to pay tribute to county legend Sam Minihan.

After getting the tattoo, he wrote on Facebook: “I got a tattoo of a hero SUPER SAMMY MINIHAN from Stockport County in Zante on Monday. He signed for another club on Thursday – hahaha.”

that’s right. Three days after spending 70 euros on a tattoo, it was announced that Minihan, who helped the Hatters win two promotions during his six years at Edgeley Park, will be leaving the recently promoted county.

The 28-year-old defender has joined National League side Halifax City.

Despite the news, Callum is optimistic about having Min-han’s name on his lap.

“I’m dying to get my first tattoo,” he told Manchester Evening News. “I wanted something that I would remember and something interesting.

“I was thinking all day about what to do. I walked into the tattoo parlor and that’s when I had the idea. I wanted to make it something I thought was fun. Sam Minihan is a legend. He’s already in County For six years, he’s been my favorite player.”

In fact, Callum has managed to get in touch with Minihan after getting the ink.

“He’s a real fan favorite,” he said. “I have no regrets. I even talked to him on Facebook. I posted a photo of my tattoo and tagged him in it – and got a response from him.

“He said it wasn’t real and said to me ‘what a guy’.

“My mom was a little shocked and said ‘what did you do?’ but all my friends thought it was quality. I’ve always been a Hatters fan and Super Sammy will always be a legend.”

Callum added: “A transfer was rumoured a few weeks ago but we didn’t hear anything. You don’t always believe rumours but it was a bit of a shock to see him go.

“But the tattoos are here to stay. Sam Minihan has been here since the club started rebuilding – he adores County.”

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