Visa stops processing payments from Pornhub’s advertising unit

In a blow to Pornhub, Visa decided to stop accepting payments from TrafficJunky, the advertising arm of the adult video site.

In December 2020, Visa suspended its credit card service with Pornhub after the site was found to be spreading child pornography and sex trafficking videos. The company is now extending the moratorium to TrafficJunky in response to a lawsuit claiming Visa allowed Pornhub to profit from child pornography videos.

“As a result, we are suspending TrafficJunky’s Visa acceptance privileges until further notice in accordance with the court’s decision,” Visa CEO Alfred Kelly said Thursday. statement(opens in new window). Also, suspend coverage of any affiliate advertising services with Pornhub parent company MindGeek.

However, Visa is working on a waiver of the moratorium. “Visa is only available on MindGeek studio sites, which feature adult professional actors in legal adult entertainment,” Kelly said.

Pornhub and MindGeek did not immediately respond to requests for comment. But Visa’s suspension could further hit the company’s business. Currently, Pornhub only accepts payments via bank transfers and cryptocurrencies, which makes paying for Pornhub Premium even more troublesome for users.

Kelly announced the new moratorium after a U.S. court denied the company’s motion to dismiss a lawsuit that claimed Visa continued to process Pornhub’s payments even though it knew of child pornography on the site. The lawsuit comes from Serena Fleites, who was 13 when her boyfriend made a sexually explicit video and posted it on Pornhub.

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It could take years for the court to make a final decision on the case. But at the same time, Visa “strongly disagreed” with the judge’s refusal to dismiss the case, Kelly said. “In our view, our company’s roles, policies and practices have been mischaracterized. The allegations in this lawsuit are objectionable and directly contradict Visa’s values ​​and purpose,” he added.

The company also plans to share its controversial side through evidence in court. “We look forward to illuminating Visa’s efforts to ensure the integrity of our employees and network,” said Visa’s CEO.

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