We ‘meeted the moment’ in May, but ‘evolved’ as disease ‘tends’

On CNN’s “The Lead,” which aired on Thursday, White House press secretary Karin Jean-Pierre answered a question that the Biden administration has been criticized for delaying orders for the monkeypox vaccine, saying the administration knew it needed to be released in May. Take action, and “meet the moment we hear about the first few cases, and then it evolves.” It’s what tends to happen with “inherent” infectious diseases.

Host Jack Tapper asked: “So, today, the White House declared monkeypox a public health emergency. Cases are rising across the U.S. I hear a lot of public health officials criticize the Biden administration for taking too long, in the Waited more than three weeks after the first confirmed case to order the bulk vaccine. How do you explain the government’s delay in ordering the vaccine?”

Jean-Pierre replied: “So, Jack, first of all, let me say that our goal is to make sure this outbreak is over. That’s the number one goal of this president. President in May — remember those — we Knowing the case was brought up in May, back in May when he was in Asia, he said this is — we need to act urgently, that’s what we did. So, about infectious diseases, it’s essentially known, I’m sure you also know, Jack, that they tend to evolve and that’s what we see. When we heard about the first few cases, we had that moment, and then it evolved. It was dynamic. It Changed. It’s not – the monkeypox we see now, monkeypox was back in 2021. It appeared in this country in 2003 and it has evolved since then. So, if I may, just to give Just a little bit about our numbers today, we just announced that we’ve shipped 600,000 doses of the vaccine and that’s going into jurisdictions[s], which will go into the states. We are working hand in hand with the states. We understand the urgency of this matter.There [are] There are 1.1 million doses available and we have about 5.5 million on order. We have improved our testing capabilities. …so when you look at the public health emergency that HHS has raised, that’s going to help us get the vaccine, give them the tools and the understanding, how do you get the vaccine from 1 to 5? This is really important.It also provides[s] They need the data they need to actually take this action, because we’re going to take this action as urgently as possible. “

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