Which chef has the best chocolate chip cookie recipe I found

Alton Brown’s recipe is pretty standard, but I need to use a kitchen scale to measure my ingredients.

Alton Brown Ingredient 1

Ingredients for Alton Brown Cookies.

Insider Paige Bennett

Brown’s Recipe Bread flour is especially needed to help them get a really chewy texture. Swapping an egg white for the milk also helps the cookies become more chewy, he said.

Unfortunately, my grocery store doesn’t have bread flour, but a quick online search tells me that the all-purpose can still be used.

Other than that, the ingredients required are pretty standard for a chocolate chip cookie recipe — and it calls for a decent amount of chocolate chips (12 ounces total).

Brown also measures almost everything in ounces for more precise quantities and better control over the final product, so I had to pull out my trusty kitchen scale when measuring my ingredients.

The dough is easy to make and everything comes together nicely.

Alton Brown Process 1

I use a blender to mix my ingredients.

Insider Paige Bennett

I was concerned that Brown’s process would be very complicated – he’s known for being very scientific in the way he cooks and bakes – but it’s actually pretty simple.

I whipped the butter and sugar to cream, then whisked and sifted the other ingredients and added the chocolate chips at the end.

When the dough is mixed and ready, it smells and looks delicious.

Alton Brown Process 2

I had to wait for it to cool.

Insider Paige Bennett

After mixing my ingredients, I realized I had to toss this tempting dough into the freezer for an hour.

Waiting 60 minutes before I could smell the cookies coming out of the oven was the ultimate test of willpower for me – but I won.

After an hour, I followed the specific instructions to place six 1.5 oz cookie doughs on two baking sheets. Again, I rely on my kitchen scale to carefully weigh each dough ball before baking.

I bake two doughs at a time, so I bake two rounds for a total of two dozen cookies.

Even without bread flour, these cookies rise nicely and are chewy.

Alton Brown Finals 2

The last cookie I made using Alton Brown’s recipe.

Insider Paige Bennett

Brown specifically calls for the cookies to be baked for 15 minutes, rotating halfway through. I actually took out the first batch 30 seconds early because they started to smell too much.

They look great, but are a little more golden than I would have liked. For the second batch, I made them about 90 seconds earlier and they looked perfect.

Despite not being able to use bread flour, these cookies rose well and were taller than the cookies in other recipes I’ve tried.

Even though the first batch looked a bit over the top, all the cookies looked delicious.

Of the three cookies I’ve made, these have the largest volume and the smallest diameter – making for a chewy and fluffy interior.

Alton Brown Final 1

Cookies are golden.

Insider Paige Bennett

There is a lot of brown sugar in the recipe, which I think helps give these chocolate chip cookies a richer flavor.

They were a little crisp on the edges and bottom, but soft on the top and center.

The amount of chocolate chips was perfect – they weren’t overwhelming and I didn’t expect more.

That said, if you do this, I recommend checking your cookies around 12 minutes.

Duff Goldman’s recipes are easy to follow.

Duff Goldman Sachs Ingredient 1

Ingredients for Duff Goldman Cookies.

Insider Paige Bennett

Goldman Sachs is known for its famous baked goods, so I have high hopes for it his recipes.

The ingredient list for this one is simple, and since I love to bake, I have pretty much all the ingredients on hand: all-purpose flour, salt, baking soda, butter, sugar, brown sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, and of course, chocolate chips.

Making Goldman’s cookies is easy.

Duff Goldman Process 1

The dough also forms quickly.

Insider Paige Bennett

This recipe is quick and easy – I didn’t need to melt the butter on the stove or even stir the eggs before adding them to the dough.

After mixing, the dough didn’t have as much aroma as Brown’s, but that’s probably because the butter for the Goldman recipe wasn’t melted beforehand.

After making a quick dough, these cookies go into the oven for about 10 minutes, although the recipe recommends 8 to 12 minutes, depending on how sticky you like the cookies.

These cookies have me reveling in their picturesque ripples.

Duff Goldman Finals 2

The cookies are soft and soft.

Insider Paige Bennett

One of the things I really love about chocolate chip cookies is the series of intense ripples that start in the center and wrinkle all the way to the edges.

Usually, this is done by taking the cookies out of the oven ahead of time, bumping the baking sheet against the counter, and placing them back in the oven until they are done baking.

Goldman’s cookies don’t need to be pounded on the counter to look like they belong on the cover of a food magazine.

Just one bite of these cookies and I fell in love.

Duff Goldman Sachs Final 1

They looked like they came from a professional bakery.

Insider Paige Bennett

The edges are nice and crisp. The center was sticky and soft, but not cooked.

These golden brown cookies looked perfect and had an ideal amount of chocolate chips – a few in each bite but not much chocolate I could taste.

These cookies were pretty buttery too, so I kept a napkin while I ate them.

Not surprisingly, these cookies are very chocolatey.

Martha Stewart Final 2

The cookies I made using Stewart’s recipe were filled with chocolate.

Insider Paige Bennett

The cookies came out of the oven dark in color, with crisp edges and a lighter center.

Its gain is higher than Goldman Sachs, but not as high as Brown. They also have a little ripple around the edges and a slightly wider diameter than Brown’s.

These cookies are also delicious, although more chocolatey than the others.

Martha Stewart Final 1

The cookies are the perfect golden brown.

Insider Paige Bennett

The center seemed a little underripe, so the cookies were sticky and crumbly. However, the edges cook faster, just teetering on the edge of overcooking.

After pouring a full 24 oz bag of chocolate chips into the dough, I knew these would be chocolatey.

Chocolate chips are a bit overwhelming for my palette. Even if I really like chocolate, I can eat less.

Dare I say they have too much chocolate?

Ultimately, Goldman’s formula was a cut above the rest.

Page vs. Dave Goldman final

The cookies I made with Duff Goldman’s recipe blew my mind.

Insider Paige Bennett

Every cookie I’ve tried has been delicious. I will make these three recipes again and again.

I love the super chewy texture of the Brown recipe, Stewart’s rich chocolate chips, and Goldman’s gorgeous ripples.

Overall, Goldman won me over with its balance of chocolatey, slightly crispy edges and a soft, sticky center, but after I finished baking, I had no trouble swallowing all three cookies .

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