You can now buy event tickets without leaving TikTok

Ticketmaster has partnered with TikTok to bring event discovery and ticketing to the popular video app.

Music artists, comedians, sports teams, and venues can add links to relevant Ticketmaster events in their content, making it easy for users to buy tickets without leaving TikTok.

Eligible creators can display a clickable URL in their videos, directing fans to get a pass through an in-app browser; payments are handled by the Ticketmaster within TikTok.Initially open to select stars – including Demi Lovato, OneRepublic, Usher, Backstreet Boys and WWE – more headliners will gain access to new features “over time” Engadget reports(opens in new window).

The partnership aims to attract fans on the platform they use most: namely, TikTok. Ticketmaster wants to give organizers and creators a new way to reach event attendees, According to TechCrunch(opens in new window).

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rival Snapchat Similar functionality was introduced(opens in new window) In February, people were invited to browse and gain entry to a catalog of Ticketmaster’s upcoming events using Snap Map Layer. Snapchatters can share their favorite artists and genres and match them with nearby events, swiping left or right to save personal preferences.

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