Biden’s contribution to lowering gas prices is causing a recession

On Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria,” which aired Thursday, Rep. Byron Donald (R-FL) argued that the Biden administration and congressional Democrats helped bring down gas by driving down oil prices by causing a recession price.

“I just want to ask the people in the White House, what have you done to bring down these laudable gas prices?” asked host Dagen McDowell.

Donalds responded: “The only thing they’ve done is cause a recession. Listen, global demand for oil is going down. The future market price of oil has actually gone down over the past few months, When oil prices fall, natural gas prices tend to fall. This happens because the futures market is facing a recession. They’re looking at slowing global growth. That’s the main driver. Joe Biden and congressional Democrats Man did nothing but cause an unnecessary recession and that’s because you have members of the Senate who are Democrats who voted for his Americans [Rescue] plan, which has led to labor shortages in our country and massive inflation in our country. “

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