China will ‘launch a rocket at Taiwan’ while our military focuses on pronouns, not vaccinated

On Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” which aired Thursday, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) predicted that China will launch a rocket over Taiwan, and when that happens, we should remember, The military has been focusing on “proper use”

Rubio said: “Well, they’ve fired rockets that hit east of the Taiwan Strait. … I think you’re going to see China firing rockets over Taiwan. I think you’re probably going to see jets — military planes flying over. Taiwan. I think part of it is messaging. But I think part of it is sending a very clear signal to the leaders of Taiwan and the leaders of the Taiwanese military. That is, if we decide to take you by force, you won’t be able to stop us. So you might as well start negotiating with us the terms of your surrender. I don’t think there is any doubt that this will happen.”

He added: “As we see these things happening, remember that our civilian leaders at the Pentagon have taken very seriously over the past two years the proper use of pronouns and making sure we host the right number of Drag show. Traveling the world… and kicking out the unvaccinated. And now, hiring is down.”

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