Christopher Wray dodges questions about concealing license holder information

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) called on FBI Director Christopher Wray during Thursday’s hearing after Wray declined to explain why his agency was seeking information about Missouri concealed carry license holders. Wray).

Hawley pointed to information that the FBI is going after concealed carriers in Missouri, saying: “Why would you want to [this information] Now, from Missouri, from our sheriff, when you didn’t ask for it in the past? “

Ray replied, “I will have to get more information to give you a written response.”

Hawley went on to ask another question. “If you could get information from these sheriffs in Missouri, what would the FBI do to keep the information private?”

“Again, same answer, I really have to be careful not to speak without all the facts,” Ray said.

“Okay, so you’re not going to answer my question,” Hawley said.

Ray shot back, “I’ll answer your questions.”

Hawley said, “Well, you won’t answer them now.”

Ray suggested that he just answer the question in another way, not in person.

Hawley believes that Ray refused to answer because he was “sworn under oath.”

Hawley went on to explain that he had sent a letter to Wray in advance, reminding him that the topic of collecting information on concealed carriers in Missouri would be brought up at the hearing.

He said: “Frankly, I am disappointed. I sent you this letter a few days ago. It was on your radar screen. Before that, our state attorney general sent you a letter. You already know about it. This is a major issue. It directly affects Missouri law.”

Hawley said Wray put state law enforcement at a disadvantage because “state law says they can’t turn over these personal records,” but Hawley claimed the FBI was seeking them anyway.

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