Dominic Monaghan says he never watched an episode of ‘Lost’

  • Dominic Monaghan says he hasn’t seen his work on the 2000s sci-fi series “Lost.”
  • Monaghan played British musician Charlie Pace in the show, which ran for six seasons.
  • The actor said he’s glad the show “found an audience and continues to do so.”

Dominic Monaghan, best known for playing Merry Brandybuck in the “Lord of the Rings” movies and later as Charlie Pace in the ABC drama “Lost” tell people He avoided reviewing much of his work, including on the show.

“It’s not something I do,” he told the magazine. “I live those things so whole that I don’t need to repeat them to gain experience.”

Monaghan starred in the popular ABC sci-fi series “Lost,” which ran for six seasons from 2004 to 2010. The series follows a group of people who crash on an island somewhere in the South Pacific on a flight from Sydney to Los Angeles and try to unravel its mysteries while fighting for survival.

Monaghan’s Charlie, a British rock star, featured prominently in the show’s first three seasons. He told PEOPLE that in his 20s, when he starred in the show, he was still “struggling” for the rest of his acting career.

Dominic Monaghan

Dominic Monaghan.

Getty/Joshua Blanchard

“I know it’s a good show and I know now that people obviously continue to love it,” he told PEOPLE. “People would come to me on the street and they would have ‘Not Penny’s Boat’ written on their hands, or people would tell me it was their favorite character, or their kids just got into it.”

“Not Penny’s Ship” is a Reference to the series’ third season finaleand the message that Monaghan’s character Charlie has written on his hand in this episode is a major revelation for the series.

Monaghan said that while he hasn’t looked back at his work, he’s still excited to be part of the show’s cultural moment.

“It definitely found an audience and continued to do so,” he told PEOPLE. “It’s become pop culture. I’m excited to be part of a show that’s had the biggest TV show in the world for a while.”

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