I want to “get attention to the prize of the Inflation Reduction Act” i.e. climate

On CNN International’s “Amanpour,” which aired Thursday, Sen. John Hickenlooper (D-CO) said that while inflation is a “serious” problem, he wants to “bring attention to the prize,” namely “Lower Inflation.” The Act “is a way to address climate change we’ve never come close to before.”

Host Bianna Golodryga asked: “Brands are a big part of all of this. I know you’ll agree. It’s no longer a ‘build back better’ it’s a ‘lower inflation bill’. Most economists would Agreed, it does reduce inflation over time. However, are you concerned that this is being over-sold to the public who may want to address inflation immediately and how it affects their bottom line?”

Hickenlooper replied, “Well, inflation, I mean, every time I go anywhere in Colorado, anywhere in the US, people talk about inflation. For people, balancing their monthly budget with their family Budgets are a real difficult hurdle. But you have to admit, look at all the different countries. Some of them aren’t taking any federal spending to deal with the devastation of the pandemic. Yet they have the same inflation rate, sometimes even higher than the U.S. Even higher. Well, I think, inflation is actually mostly cost — the result of broken and disrupted supply chains, like crude oil. … So, this is — you’re right, inflation is a serious The problems that people face in this country and around the world. But I want people to focus on the prize that this is a way to address climate change that we’ve never come close to before.”

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