Jon Stewart hits back after Tucker Carlson mocks his height and calls him ‘unhinged’

Comedian Jon Stewart hit back after Fox News host Tucker Carlson mocked his height and called him “unhinged.”

Mr Carlson aims for the former daily show Hosting his show on Thursday night, said he looked like a “psychopath”.

“He screamed, disheveled, and short. Really short, too short for a date. Has he always been that short? What happened? Where has he been these seven years? If you know, please tell us . We want answers,” he added sarcastically.

“Friends. I’m so sad tonight. @TuckerCarlson thinks I’m too short…but somehow, miraculously, I’m still too tall to know what [Hungarian Prime Minister] Victor Orban tastes like! Mr Stewart tweeted late on Thursday. “Is it the goulash taki? It looks like beef stew. “

Mr Carlson last year praised Mr Orban, saying he was the only elected leader “openly identified as a Western-style conservative”.

“We’ve seen what kind of future a globalized ruling class has to offer. But we have a different future in mind,” Mr. Orban said Thursday at CPAC in Texas.

“Globalists can go to hell, and I’ve come to Texas,” he added.

The Hungarian far-right leader was speaking after a speech in Romania last month, in which he said “these countries are no longer states – they are just a collection of people”.

“We would like to be mixed with each other, but we don’t want to be mixed,” he added, according to an Associated Press translation. “Immigration is dividing Europe in two — or I could say it is dividing the West in two.”

Longtime aide Zsuzsa Hegedus resigned soon after, writing in her resignation letter that even a “bloodthirsty racist” could not accept such a comment.She added that the speech was “a pure Nazi text, worthy of [Propaganda Minister Joseph] Goebbels”. She later seemed to backtracking about her comments.

Last week, Mr. Stewart spent several days in Washington, D.C., urging lawmakers to pass the PACT Act, a health care bill for veterans exposed to toxic burn pits.

On Monday he was filmed yelling at far-right conspiracy theorist Jack Posobick, whom Mr Stewart said was a “damn troll” and that his actions were not “sincere”.

Mr Carlson, who shared the video on his show, said Mr Stewart looked “like a guy living in a public library men’s room eating imaginary insects in the air”.

“The really fun part is [the video] Not a policy debate, but Jon Stewart himself. He didn’t recognize it at all. He looked crazy,” the Fox News host added.

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