No. 1 pick Traven Walker after 1st preseason sacking for Jaguars: ‘There’s more’

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The 2022 NFL season officially kicks off Thursday night, with the Jacksonville Jaguars and Las Vegas Raiders facing off in a Hall of Fame game (here’s our take). That game also gave fans their first look at Traven Walker, the No. 1 overall pick in his career.

Walker, who made his first sack for the Jaguars, pushed into the backcourt and then brought Raiders’ Jarrett Stidham to the ground when he got into the pocket to avoid edge pressure.

“It’s definitely an exciting feeling,” Walker said of the takedown. According to “This is my first time [sack] But, like, there’s more. “

Walker’s new coach, Doug Pederson, seemed impressed with the game and Walker’s overall performance on the night.

“I think he did some really good things,” Pederson said. “There were some early quick passes in there. He was very disruptive. He showed his size, his athleticism, his strength. He’s going to be fun all season.”

However, Walker also took a rough passing free throw when he put his hand into Stidham’s neck and face area on another run. This shows that Walker can be a quarterback with his athleticism and qualities, but there is still some work to be done in perfecting his game.

“There’s a matter of time when you [rush] Quarterbacks and quarterbacks, when you can play quarterbacks and all that stuff, it just comes from watching it, learning from it,” Pederson said. “You’re never going to try to lower his movement that way. Ability and strength, but he will learn from it and do better. “

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