Radical European climate agenda ’10 years ahead’ of US

Despite 9.1% inflation and high food and gas prices, Democrats are continuing to advance their aggressive climate agenda — an effort Rep. Byron Donald (R-FL) sees as a sign of preparation for Last-minute despair before the much-anticipated “red wave”.

Breitbart News spoke exclusively with members of Congress at Turning Point America’s Student Action Summit in Tampa, Florida, to discuss how Democrats are pursuing far-left climate policies that run counter to the American public interest, and the implications for America’s future. A reporter asked the representative of Florida’s 19th congressional district why his Democratic colleagues continue to push their climate agenda ahead of the election when polls show that Americans care most about the economy.

“Listen — the one thing about Democrats is that no matter what’s going on in the world, they’re looking to advance their agenda. The answer is always their agenda — that’s okay. “Why is it raining so much?” The answer is their agenda. “Why is the sun out so long?” “The answer is their agenda. That’s what they always default to,” Donalds replied.

“Now they’re in a place where they’re about to lose their majority, so they’re trying to get everything on the table as soon as possible because they know that once it’s January 2023, when a new majority is sworn in, they won’t be able to do anything. ,” he continued.

Climate activists, especially far-left Democrats, have been pushing for a Biden administration Announce A “climate emergency,” which it said would give President Joe Biden more power to halt crude exports and restrict international trade in fossil fuels, among other measures.Biden has yet to do so, even though Presidential climate envoy John Kerry has hint Declaring a state of emergency is not about if but when.

Additionally, since Breitbart News interviewed Donalds, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) have proposed a settlement that would create $369 billion in climate change and energy security related programs. However, according to a study of the bill’s provisions by top Republican lawmakers, the package, dubbed the “Reducing Inflation Act,” would fuel the “inflation fire.”

Asked what Democrats and elites would gain from their overarching climate agenda, Donalds suggested that flashy “green” displays could be a cover for a bigger power grab.

“Honestly, I don’t even know – it confuses me. I mean sometimes some people say people who are in the Green New Deal – like it’s really just the old red deal, but they can’t anymore Become communists or Marxists. Now they have to be environmentalists,” the lawmaker said.

“Honestly, they’re so prescriptive about these policies that they don’t know how to get out of it. So sometimes when people get stuck, they just have to keep going down this path. But it’s disastrous for the country. ,” he added. “I hope they change course. I hope they actually wake up and realize that the reality is here and now we have to make the appropriate decisions on behalf of the American people.”

The reporter talked about the impact of climate change policies on European countries, with particular reference to how outdoor activities are affecting European countries. prohibit In parts of France, as well as in the Netherlands, farmers are protesting the government’s controversial plan to cut nitrogen emissions by 50 percent due to the heatwave. The policy could lead to the closure of more than 30 percent of the country’s farmland, threatening the livelihoods of thousands of people, many of whom have farmed the land for generations.

When asked if these types of policies could be implemented in the U.S., Donalds said, “100 percent.”

“The Europeans are a decade ahead of us now. So is that possible? One hundred percent. That’s why it’s important for the American people to understand that they can’t follow this crazy Green New Deal policy,” he said. “Listen, I know people want to save the planet. I want to save the planet for my kids and their kids. Everyone wants to save the planet, but you can’t do that with these aggressive environmental policies.”

He continued:

Especially when we now know that, number one, when you get solar panels, most of them come from China. So China is doing the dirtiest mining in the world, they use slaves to mine minerals. So you can put your solar panels on your roof and act like you’re green? Do not. Then when the solar panels do run out and you throw them away, all the metal seeps into the groundwater. California now has to deal with that. So you can still be green, but you can’t do these things.

We should fully embrace nuclear power in the US and obviously continue to use natural gas and yes, oil. You do these three things and you actually have a much cleaner energy matrix with even far fewer emissions than where we are now and a decade ago.

In the U.S., the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is currently trying to pass a rule requiring public companies to report their carbon emissions, as well as the emissions of any company involved in the process of public company products.Donalds join in In a letter to the SEC in late July with his Republican colleagues in support of small businesses “against the Biden administration’s all-out attack on their economic future…” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R -CA) recently said the proposed rule could be the “biggest long-term damage” of any Biden policy.

“It’s crazy stuff. Compliance is so high that no one can get it right — but that’s how the political left can keep you in check,” Donalds warned when asked about the proposed rules. “It seems to me that Gensler at the SEC has been a lunatic who wants to come up with some rules. That’s not how you run the economy. So we have to stop these things here and now.”

Donalds concluded: “Liberal fascism has no place in a free market economy.”

“When you put these fascist markers, like energy scores, social scores or these governance scores, you put non-financial, political metrics before actual financial data, which is more important when you’re investing and when you’re investing.’ A business is being developed,” he said.

Katherine Hamilton is a political reporter for Breitbart News.You can follow her on twitter here.

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