Recalled San Francisco district attorney says he won’t run in special election

Former San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Pudding Announce On Thursday, he will not run for his old position in the upcoming November special election.

Mr. Boudin, a former public defender who won San Francisco’s top prosecutor’s election in 2019, lost a recall election in June due to dissatisfaction with the state of crime and public safety in the city.

Mr Pudding, whose parents were members of the radical left group Weather Underground and was sent to prison as a toddler for his part in a deadly robbery, was chosen as a progressive reformer.

But there has been dismay over his performance as the coronavirus pandemic has caused some crime rates in the city to soar — even though San Francisco’s rise mirrors similar increases across U.S. cities.

Although there is little evidence that Mr. Pudding’s policies themselves are responsible In order to increase the crime rate, some wealthy people funded A campaign to recall him eventually succeeded by a ten-point margin.

But Mr. Pudding retains a loyal following who believe he has been unfairly blamed for problems plaguing San Francisco outside his remit, pointing to his successes — including ending cash bail, establishing Innocence committees to review potential wrongful convictions, route non-violent offenders into diversion schemes, and prosecute white-collar financial crimes — reasons they want him to stay.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed, a business-friendly centrist, chose to appoint one of his fiercest critics to replace Mr Boudin: former prosecutor Brooke Jenkins, who resigned from the district attorney’s office last year to oppose Mr Boudin .

During her brief tenure as interim leader of the district attorney’s office, Ms. Jenkins has set out to reverse many of Mr. Pudding’s relatively loose policies.She first fired 15 people, then rescinded the request trade in a selected number of drug cases. Gang-enhanced sentencing and cash bail could also return.

Ms. Jenkins has been highly praised by San Francisco police, but time will tell if she can achieve a more popular result than Mr. Pudding with her tough, severe criminal approach, a practice that many people familiar with the criminal justice system believe have long since existed. Notorious in California and nationwide.

Mr Pudding has not ruled out running for office again in the days following the recall election, while progressive criticism of Ms Jenkins’ approach has sparked speculation that Mr Pudding may be trying to run for office in what could be a younger, more progressive November voter. Take back his old position in his hands.

But Thursday’s announcement ended that speculation.

Mr Pudding said nearly three years of campaigning had already taken a toll on his personal life and he was not ready to launch another after his mother recently died of cancer and his father was recently released from prison more than 40 years later. an election campaign. Mr. Pudding wrote that his father needed support, as did members of his own nuclear family.

“My son is about to take his first steps and say his first words,” Mr Pudding wrote. “My wife’s research on multiple sclerosis at UCSF deserves the same support she provides for my work.”

Still, Mr Pudding touted his achievements in office and criticised Ms Jenkins.

“I am very concerned about what I have seen from the currently appointed District Attorney,” Mr Pudding wrote. “We haven’t heard any assurances that the successful plans we have put in place will continue, and in fact we are seeing worrying signs every day as progress has been set back.”

The tone of Mr. Pudding’s statement suggested he could support another reform-oriented candidate in November, even if his own name would not appear on the ballot. Next year, Mr. Pudding can still run for district attorney again for a four-year term.

“I know this news will disappoint many who are committed to reform,” Mr Pudding wrote. “I assure you that I remain deeply committed to justice and the people of San Francisco.”

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