WWE Opponent: Paul Heyman in New A&E Biography Show

Brock Lesnar finally got lucky Summer Slam.

A detailed, detailed, action-packed storyline ended Saturday night when Lesnar’s cathartic moment finally came when he forcibly rammed Paul Heyman onto the announcer’s desk with an F5. Heyman was his longtime screen advisor (or, as Heyman puts it, “advocate”). Over the years, if you’ve seen Lesnar, the next person in your peripheral vision is undoubtedly Heyman.

While they’re still behind the scenes, their on-screen narrative changed six months ago, when Hyman swore allegiance to Roman Reigns instead of Lesnar. It was satisfying to watch Lesnar finally finish his story with Heyman, followed by the violent end of the Lesnar-Ryan plan. There’s a reason Raines pointed the finger at Lesnar immediately after he hit Hayman’s F5.Being an opportunist, Raines seized the moment Lesnar was distracted before he and his blood brothers Jimmy and Geuso embarked on their defeat and a series of false ends Summer Slam in a dramatic way.

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